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Our Vision
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Lots of incredibly talented young men and women find their way to the professional sports industry each year...the majority of whom will not stay in the industry of their dreams because they feel overworked, underpaid, under-resourced, or just plain confused.  The goal of this website is to arm ticket salespeople and sales managers, personally and professionally, with the knowledge they need to not only succeed in their current job, but achieve long-lasting careers.

The Frustrated Salesperson Blog will focus on supporting sales reps in doing what they are paid to do...sell tickets. 


Topics will include what effort looks like in sales today, social selling, channel stacking, engaging a distracted marketplace, the power of video, intentional selling...and any and all crowd-sourced topics we get from this generation of sales rep.  

This blog will be the voice for ticket sellers and front-line sales managers for the challenges they face when they walk into the office or stadium every day.

The Top Seller Podcast will do just what it says it will.  We will speak with current top salespeople, in all walks of life, about their journey to success, their sales process, hints and tricks that can make a modern salesperson stand out, and what drives them to the levels of success they've achieved.

The goal is to allow ticket salespeople and managers a view into the minds of some of the most talented salespeople around.  

Why learn from mistakes when we can just steal from the best?


The Happy Salesperson Blog will focus on all the challenges a ticket salesperson has with staying in the industry, and offer solutions to help support these issues.

Topics will include managing your money when you're not making enough of it, how to create work/life balance with our ridiculous schedules, creating a positive workplace persona...and any and all crowd-sourced topics we get from this generation of sales rep.

This blog will be the positive conscience for the challenges sales reps have with making a living in sports.

About Us

About Us
Brett Zalaski - Founder

Brett Zalaski is the Founder of Empowerment of a Salesperson. Brett’s passion for sales rivals his passion for finding, training, and developing talented ticket sales professionals. Brett believes the key to a great sales team comes down to the people that comprise it.

Brett, a graduate of Hamilton College, believes his first two career experiences shape his sales beliefs. Brett’s Bachelor of Sales comes from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a widely respected best practice research company for senior-level executives, recently widely lauded for their game-changing sales book The Challenger Sale. Despite the high-octane, grow-or-die environment, CEB spent a lot of time developing and rewarding their talent, and this level of effort towards their staff left a profound impact on Brett.

Brett holds a Masters in Sports Management from the NBA’s world-renowned Team Marketing & Business Operations (TMBO) group. At TMBO, Brett learned about the core philosophies and fundamentals of the sports business from the best and brightest in the industry, while also getting the opportunity to start the WNBA team in Atlanta, the D-League team in Erie, PA, and sell tickets for the FIBA Americas Tournament in Las Vegas.

In 2014 Brett started his own sales training company Get After It Sales.  In its just over 2.5 years, Brett coordinated over 70 trainings with over 40 organizations from NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA, NASCAR, MiLB, NASL, USL, AHL, & CFL.  The business grew 227% from year 1 to year 2, and was on-pace for another 140% growth from year 2 to year 3. 

In his five plus years in MLS with the National Sales Center, the Columbus Crew, and the Houston Dynamo, Brett hired over 100 salespeople, saw over 35 achieve All-MLS for Group or Season Ticket Sales, and has had over 35 promoted to leadership positions across MLS, NBA, NFL, WNBA, NASL, MiLB, USL, NWSL, and NASCAR.

Outside Get After It, from the NBA to present, Brett successfully recruited and built sales teams from scratch (NLL's Boston Blazers), completely overhauled sales teams (WPS' Washington Freedom), oversaw the content creation, recruitment, and placement of MLS’ National Sales Center, managed the Columbus Crew SC's ticket sales team to MLS leading attendance growth (2012 & 2013), and managed MLS' Houston Dynamo to their 2017 revenue goal despite the effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Brett currently resides in Houston, TX, recently married the love of his life Lauren, and became a step-dad!

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