I've been asked on occasion why I talk about my site numbers. There's a few reasons. First off, FOMO sells in 2020. If other people are doing it, and you tell people other people are doing it, people will check it out. And, second, if we're being honest...I'm super f**king proud of them. We've worked really hard to cultivate a following for this site, and while I'll always be more excited by the stories I hear about how this site helps people...the numbers ARE pretty co

Get After It Sales Training is BACK!

After just over two years away, Get After It Sales Training is back! In May of 2018, I started Empowerment of a Salesperson as a site to create a positive, free space where #sportsbiz sales reps could get their most pressing questions & challenges about sales solved. After 85 pieces of content and almost 12,000 visits, the site surpassed any expectation I could have had. I also received over 400 content submissions to the site from sales reps and sales leaders across #sports

Top Seller Podcast: Robert C. Villanueva

One of the new things we are going to start doing with the #TopSellerPodcast is, once per month, talk to successful salespeople outside of #sportsbiz. I couldn't be more thrilled with my first conversation. Robert C. Villanueva is a very successful real estate agent and entrepreneur in Houston & Dallas. He's built a small real estate empire as RobtheTXRealtor, while also investing alongside his brother in a highly rated new restaurant in downtown Houston, Kulture. Rob, as

Top Seller Podcast: Ask Brett, Volume 1

We get a LOT of questions through out site. We've got so many topics that we won't be able to write about all of them...and we want people to continue to give us topics! To be able to get to as many as we can, we've instituted a #TopSellerPodcast where I will answer questions from our readers. In this first edition, we cover: Work/life balance Qualifying Prospects New & Innovative Group Ideas Retention Strategies It's only 17 minutes long and the audio is great. Please pro

The Next Big Technology Idea... right around the corner. It just isn't necessarily in this article. Sorry everyone! That said, I want to use the idea of selling tickets through auction sites to help spur innovation and creativity in sales reps. I was having a conversation with someone from my #sportsbiz past, who you'll meet over the next few days, who was talking to me about this auction site he's developed for pro sports teams...and the conversation, as they do with me, naturally led to sales. H

Top Seller Podcast: Courtney Blake

The first #TopSellerPodcast of Technology Month couldn't start in a better place. The Sacramento Kings have been widely hailed for their integration of technology into the sales process...and Courtney Blake (Sr. Director, Ticket Sales & Premium Membership) has climbed the ranks within their organization and is clearly a rising star in the #sportsbiz industry. And that is even more obvious when you hear her here. In this almost 50 minute conversation, we discuss her journey

How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Sales Process

On Monday we talked about the two questions that I get the most in regards to where #sportsbiz sales and technology collide. We tackled why incorporating technology into your sales process was so critical on Monday. So let's get back to the other statement I hear all the time: 'I'm told using technology is important...but then no one tells me how to use it.' To me, when you break sales down into its most critical parts, we're left with three. This is not a sales process, i

Top Seller Podcast: Joey Meredith

Joey Meredith is an up-and-coming force in the #sportsbiz ticket sales industry. A Sr. AE for the Tennessee Titans, Joey combines a thirst for knowledge and a genuine passion for helping his clients that's only seen in the very best salespeople I've been around. As you listen to this, you'll see why he's flown up the sales board with the Titans and continues to progress to more leadership opportunities. In this phenomenal 45 minutes, we talk about Joey's background, how he

Top Seller Podcast: David Hiller

David Hiller (Premium Sales Manager, New York City FC) is one of the top salespeople in all of MLS. He's won the league awards to back it up. You heard Lance Tyson call him it in an earlier #TopSellerPodcast. You can also here it right here on this podcast. David's experience and results, from his days at MLS' National Sales Center through multiple roles in his climb up the NYCFC ticket department, are evident. In this really fun 50 minutes, we discuss his background and

'I Don't Care What You Think.'

The biggest challenge to effective sales training is pride. It manifests in quite a few different ways. Pride by management to believe their way is the right way and no other method is permissible. Pride by management to not care if what they are teaching is resonating with their staff. Pride gets in the way of a rep admitting that they aren't perfect and they stop investing in opportunities to grow. Pride makes a rep look around a sales training room and say, 'I don't w

Top Seller Podcast: Dave Wakeman

You've seen him on Twitter. You've read him on LinkedIn. You've been directed to his blog. Dave Wakeman is quickly #sportsbiz' sales & marketing conscience. And, like it or not, you're reading it. And like it or not, he tends to be absolutely correct. He has tremendous perspective from all across the entertainment spectrum, and is currently using it to help organization's maximize the revenue as 'The Revenue Architect.' In this hour-long #TopSellerPodcast, we discuss Da