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We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

A few weeks ago I posted the below on LinkedIn: There's no doubt that the landscape of selling tickets in pro sports is evolving almost by the minute now. Teams are struggling with welcoming fans back to stadiums and #sportsbiz sales reps are struggling with their individual interactions with fans...whether lowered secondary market prices, #COVID19 issues, or fans becoming more seat-belted to their couches. But there are solutions and there are answers...the hard statement i

Choose Your Own Adventure Sales

As a youngster I was in a 'Choose Your Own Adventure Book Club'. Even though I clearly did not write any of those books, I thoroughly enjoyed the idea that I was taking ownership over my own journey. If you couldn't tell, I owned a lot of these books. In ticket sales, I find that the majority of sales people spend a lot of time just passing along information. They get on the call, ask a few questions, and then tell the potential all the information about all the different

Get After It Sales Training is BACK!

After just over two years away, Get After It Sales Training is back! In May of 2018, I started Empowerment of a Salesperson as a site to create a positive, free space where #sportsbiz sales reps could get their most pressing questions & challenges about sales solved. After 85 pieces of content and almost 12,000 visits, the site surpassed any expectation I could have had. I also received over 400 content submissions to the site from sales reps and sales leaders across #sports

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