Needle in a Haystack: Selling During #COVID19

Work with a lot of #sportsbiz sales reps who can chase 'maybe's'. While our brands are strong and we're playing games, we have the opportunity to keep pushing on 'maybe's' until they cross over to a sale. We're just in a really tough place right now. There's not a lot of external factors helping us in the fact, quite the opposite, they're obviously hurting us more than anything. Where 'maybe's' had a decent chance to be 'yes'', they are now almost definitely 'no

One HUGE #COVID19 Selling Secret

I've had a chance to connect with #sportsbiz sales reps during #COVID19 in a pretty substantial way. I've also had a chance to listen to over 100 of them sell or role play. The thing that has stood out the most is that, more than I've ever heard, sales reps feel like they need to be buttoned up in their pitch more than ever. They feel like they need to be perfect right now to give themselves a chance to sell. Y''s the exact opposite. People want to connect with pe

Speed of Selling in #COVID19

One line I use quite a bit in my sales trainings is that '...we are in the relentless pursuit of great sales conversations.' It means that if a client doesn't have genuine interest in the product, you be the one to get out of the conversation first. Remember, the vast majority of the people you connect with WON'T buy your product. We attack sales like anyone who picks up the phone is a qualified lead...when the case is COMPLETELY the opposite. The vast majority of people

#SportsBiz Sales Rep Displaced by #COVID19? I Got You.

Over the last two months I've had the tremendous honor of (for free) training over 40 #sportsbiz sales reps who have been displaced in their roles with teams. This has been everyone from interns, to part-time employees, to inside sales reps, to sales reps, senior sales reps, managers, and directors. They've received training from myself, the legend Bill Guertin, and a number of leaders from across the #sportsbiz community. Every person has walked into the room ready to earn

#SportsBiz Sales Reps & #ElectionDay

There is no doubt that tomorrow is going to be one of the most super-charged days in our lives. I've written about #sportsbiz sales reps & politics before. I wrote that article just over a year ago and it's become one of the most read articles on my site. And it even seems pretty dated. I've seen the first pro sports team I can remember endorse a political candidate. The lines between who you are as a person and a professional have become blurred on every avenue of socia

Most Important Part of #SportsBiz Time Management During #COVID19

I've talked to hundreds of #sportsbiz sales reps during #COVID19 and their biggest challenge is just the quantity of people they say are willing to buy. There are very, very few. And that makes sense. This is a genuinely tough time for people, and, by every statistical measure I've seen, fans aren't exactly sprinting back into stadiums for safety reasons. Generally, in #sportsbiz sales, it can feel like finding a good, potential ticket buyer is a needle in a haystack. The

'I'm Not Sure I Feel Comfortable Selling Tickets During #COVID19.'

I continue to have conversations with #sportsbiz reps all around the industry. As #sportsbiz continues to turn back to fans, and back to selling, there's an issue plaguing a number of ticket sellers in the industry. I've heard tons of times, 'I'm not sure I feel comfortable selling tickets to people during this crisis.' Before I jump in here, I would like to say that those concerns ARE valid. People are sick. People are dying. People have lost jobs. Peers have lost jobs

Being Clinical in #SportsBiz Sales

There are some strikers in the sports of soccer who are excellent at passing. There are some strikers who hold the ball up well so other offensive players can come up the field. There are others who are outstanding in the air. Some are strong dribblers. Some are fantastic passers. Some have all or most of these characteristics. But you can't be an elite striker without being a clinical finisher. The goal of the position is to score goals. Same with a #sportsbiz salespe

Sell Like a Bat

Bats are not blind. True story. Look it up. Their seeing is pretty shitty, but they have eyes and they can see. So the phrase 'blind as a bat' is actually, technically inaccurate. But they still use SONAR, or echolocation, to give them clarity. They either contract their voice box, click their tongue, or emit sounds through their nose, and the sound reverberates off an object. That reverberation tells the bat where the object is, how big the object is, and what shape it

I Don't Have to Work in #SportsBiz, I Get to Work in #SportsBiz

One of the biggest challenges I'm hearing about across the still actively employed #sportsbiz landscape is fatigue. #SportsBiz sales reps are tired at the constant ebbs and flows that #COVID19 has given them on the work side. They are tired of working from home. Tired of seeing commission money evaporate. They are tired of all the political noise that is happening around the country. They are tired of talking to fans who are reticent to re-enter stadiums. Tired of being

Is a 'Grinder' in Sales a GOOD thing?

The short answer is: Not really. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Of course someone who works hard brings immense value to an organization. That doesn't need a just needs to appreciated. And before you start rolling your eyes, there's a difference between GRIT and GRIND. A grinder straps their helmet on and bangs out calls. Someone with grit finds solutions. They create sales when none is apparent. Some of the grittiest salespeople I ever worked wit

When Will the #SportsBiz Job Market Come Back?

I got a lot of people giving me positive feedback on my Should I Stay in #SportsBiz article. So much so that my site followers jump by almost 50 in 2 days. But amidst all the positive comments, one question kept coming up: That's great I should try to stay in sports...but when is the #sportsbiz job market coming back? People know that I like to hypothesize and people definitely know that I like to have real answers. On this one? I just don't know. I want to say this winte

Should I Stay in the #SportsBiz Industry?

I've had lots of conversations on the phone that included this conversation. I've had 3 people write in to the site over the last two months asking this. Here's a direct example from a laid-off NFL rep: I've worked game days for years during the time my friends are going out. I've been underpaid compared to my friends for years. And then they let me go. I'm just not sure it's worth staying in sports business. I'm not going to speak for everyone. Everyone has their own r

Is 'Maybe' an Acceptable Sales Answer?

One of the foundational principles that I discuss in my training (and I'm far from the only) is that the best salespeople get the most answers. They get more'yes'', more 'no's', and less 'maybe's' than their peers. But a USL rep, who's gone through my training, wrote to me the other day asking, 'I'm just getting a TON of 'maybe's' during #COVID19 and I don't want to push back in this climate. Is that ok?' I'm going to hold to the principle above. Even in #COVID19, the peop

Are #SportsBiz Sales Reps About to Become Extinct? - pt. 2

In December of last year I wrote a column tackling this question. My answer was 'no' in the short run, but 'yes' in the long term. If #COVID19 has been anything, it's been an accelerant. THOUSANDS of quality #sportsbiz salespeople are without jobs right now, and my site has had a number of people write in with the following question? '...When will teams be hiring again?' The answer is, 'I don't know.' Part of me wants to believe that that will be early 2021 when every lea

Are you a #SportsBiz Sales Rep who needs an opportunity?

I've been a manager who's had to let people go. It's the absolute worst feeling in the world. I'm incredibly sympathetic for my friends who have had to do this because of #COVID19. But that doesn't mean that my heart doesn't also go out to the reps in the industry who have been impacted. Lots of talented people lost their job during this time and I want to use my platform and stage to help. One of the worst things that can happen to a #sportsbiz rep in their development is

Important Selling Phrases During #COVID19

As teams start to put fans in stadiums and we start to see some hope for playing in front of fans in 2021, the pressure on #sportsbiz sales reps is only going to heighten. The heavy lifting of maximizing sales whenever your team plays is the work you do right now. Whether it's getting people into your pipeline or actually selling them...the work truly starts right now. I've talked and worked with a bunch of sales reps over the last month, and here are a few phrases that are

How to be a Good ZOOM Teammate During #COVID19

Editor's Note: I, uh, probably should've wrote this article awhile ago. My bad. One of the great things about sales has always been in being part of a team. Unfortunately that positive environment, for the most part, has been put on pause and exchanged for a mostly digital world. That shouldn't stop you from being a positive light on your team. From a few conversations I had with #sportsbiz sales reps, here's some ways to be a good ZOOM teammate. Reach Out Digitally: Th

Top Seller Podcast: Toxic Masculinity in the Workplace

Over the last couple weeks, pro sports teams have come under criticism for their toxic culture towards women. Many women have spoken out about the issues they've faced...and it has caused some teams to take action at a senior level. One of the biggest challenges in creating a truly inclusive environment is education. There are many examples of obvious ways women are impacted by the actions of men that often become public, but there are just as many subtle ways that never m

Should I be Judged on My Sales Activity?

One of the most viewed articles on the site focused on why people need to make phone calls to be successful. Last month a sales manager was reading that article as they discovered the website and wrote in with this question: ...Phone calls do matter to close business. I agree. But should I be tracking and setting activity standards around those?... That is a good question. And I'm sure one that #sportsbiz sales reps, not just managers, grapple with all the time, too. Wha