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  • Brett Zalaski

1 Word That Sells

About two weeks ago I wrote an article on language that draws clients in. While I was traveling this week, I received this note into the website:

Your article on 'Language That Draws Clients In' really resonated with me. As helpful as the whole article was, the word 'when' has transformed my sales pitch! I have made an effort to use it constantly in my approach and it has paid off in a big way! Not only have the clients responded to it, but it has changed my mindset from hoping for the sale to assuming the sale. I cannot tell you how positive that has been!

Clearly I love notes like this whenever I receive them...but it also dovetailed nicely with some feedback from the trainings I've done recently. Reps call with a feeling of hopelessness a lot. Nobody picks up the phone, and, if they do, nobody buys tickets. But we HAVE to use the phone because that's how we get credit cards/get people face-to-face.

The power of 'when' as an assumptive word is incredibly strong. 'When we get you on-board..', 'When we have this meeting...', 'When you're at our games next year...', 'When you are back in the thundering of the stadium...' are all phrases that pull clients closer to the seller, closer to the product, and closer to the sale.

This resonated for another reason though. On the back of the mindset conversation about excuses this week, this will also help on the mindset side. If you keep using the word 'when' in your conversations, the more the conversation becomes assumptive, the more you become assumptive. The more assumptive you are in your conversations, the more solutions you look for and more sales conversations you are in. And my guess is that if you are creating solutions for people and in more sales may just make more sales.

When you start using 'when' more you'll find more reasons to have your clients understand how much fun they'll have when they become season ticket holders and when they get back to the stadium. When they are there having a blast ,they will forget every negative thought they had to not take the leap. When's assumptive to your client and a great mindset to be in...let me know feedback when you start using it!

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