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  • Brett Zalaski

200 Articles and a Moment of Thanks

In full disclosure, I was trying to time up article #200 with the two-year anniversary of the website (May 1st), thanks #COVID19!

And in fuller disclosure, it was far easier to make that graphic you see here than it was to think about what I wanted to convey in this article.

Sometimes I sit staring at the Google Analytics for the site. And the craziest thing is, I'm just as proud when 1 person is on the site as I am when 27 are. I'm also very sad when 0 are. And, as I was thinking and praying about this article the other day, I asked myself, 'Why? Why do I take as much satisfaction in the small numbers as I do with the big numbers?' Because whether it's 1 or 27, I get to help an under-served, underpaid, and overworked group of amazing people who provide a vital service to people. Full stop.

That was 100% the honest answer. Here's truth, 8 years ago when I was at the National Sales Center, even though I was dedicating 100% of my time to helping reps...I was serving myself and my glory more than I cared about theirs. That's not to say I treated them poorly or wasn't a good was just that my goals always superseded theirs. My future was more important than their future. Same was true in every role before that, and in each role after that.

Until this site. Empowerment of a Salesperson ( or the site you're already on, duh) has been the best job of my career. When I write for this site my focus is 100% on serving #sportsbiz sales reps. Each time I sit to write, it's the best part of my day that doesn't involve my family. All I do is listen to what the 850 (Holy. Crap.) reps who have written in to me have requested, and respond in the best way I can to be as helpful as I can.

Because here's what I've learned, whether through the site or becoming a husband and step-father: There is nothing on this planet better than selflessly supporting other people.

There's no sales pitch that beats relentlessly, genuinely caring about the results your clients can receive. And there's no better reward than impacting the success of someone else.

We live in a society that rewards selfishness. 'Look at me' on social media dominates a lot of the way we think. 'Look what I've accumulated (awards, jobs, stuff) ' dominates how we interact with other people. And, in full disclosure, I can still be selfish for sure. But being selfish is entirely filled with the anxiety of being in a race that you can never win.

You see, there's no doubt that my favorite version of me is with my family, with my Faith, and when I work on this website. Whether you're the 1 of 1, or the 27 of 27, I'm immensely grateful for everyone who comes to the site, everyone who writes into the site, and everyone who passes the site along to their team or a friend.

Thank you for being here for the first 200 articles...and I'm just as excited and motivated for the next 200!

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