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  • Brett Zalaski

3 Learnings That Will Help You Sell During #COVID19

There have been a few 'back-to-fans' surveys that have occurred in pro sports. I've been a part of one, I've had access to another, and I've seen tangential results from a few others. There are a few things that stood out from ALL the surveys I've seen that will help YOU sell right now. I've also talked to numerous sales reps and managers who have been selling anywhere from part of this time to the whole time. The good news? Fan responses on surveys is through the roof. Fans say that they want to come back. People are making sales. Here are some things I've learned that will help you sell:

  1. Selling the Optics of Safety WORKS: Fan almost unanimously say that they will come back IF they see the team taking measures for their safe return. It doesn't matter if you won't play until 2021. If you want to sell NOW your fans need peace of mind NOW. Your team doesn't have to have the FULL safety protocol down...but emphasizing the basics (masks survey through the roof, as do hand sanitizing stations and employees with masks and gloves) will give the fan comfort that they can come back in a safe way.

  2. Personalization Matters More Than Ever: The trend towards personalization through recommendations has been well documented on this site. This may not sound crazy, but the more cautious people are about spending money, the more they need to feel like if they do, it has to be the perfect solution for them. Our need to stop passing along information and start making recommendations is critical. We need to ask questions. We need to listen. And we need to tell our fans why the product that fits them fits them perfectly for them

  3. Face-to-Face Always: Phone calls close 1-5% of the time...face-to-face closes 33-40% of the time. It's also easier to close a face-to-face conversation than it is a sale on a first call. That hasn't changed. If you have access to the stadium, assure safety measures and invite people there. People want to get the f**k out of their house...and they miss sports. If you can't invite people, to the stadium, bring the stadium to them during a Zoom call where you're walking them around. If you can't get into your stadium yourself, hop on a Zoom call with them. It's not perfect, but personalizing the sales process matters, as we just discussed above...and this is another way of doing it.

Emphasizing good news, innovating the product mix, creating a personal database of no's, earning the sale through using your resources, and accepting 'not now's' are all other tactics you can use...but those three have stood out by the largest margins.

The surveys also say that people have money to spend. Go get it!

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