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3 More Things That #SportsBiz Reps Have Done During #COVID19 That Sold

The first version of this article had a monster response. I've done a few trainings and had a few more conversations since that article was written. During this time I've heard pretty consistently that reps were having more success growing their pipeline than actually making sales...but that some sales were being made. I'd encourage you to read that first article...but here are a few more I've uncovered along the way:

  1. SWAG BAG DROP-IN: In a conversation with a potential client, an NFL rep found out that one of the people on her pipeline had just lost their job. She was able to get back in the office and put together a small swag bag for that client, and a few more that she had spoken to near it. She dropped 7 bags off on the front steps with a note. 5 of those people got back to her, and the one who lost her job already closed. No matter what, thoughtfulness and proving you want to earn their clients business works.

  2. Group Sales Brainstorms: About 2 weeks into this craziness, I was talking to an MLS sales rep and we discussed having Zoom meetings with their top group clients, but calling them 'brainstorming' sessions. They've done a few with good results, but they had one company that had consistently done 200 tickets for 2 years before dropping to 100 last year. On the Zoom call he discovered that the company dropped because a lot of people just didn't want to do the same thing 3 years in a row. They talked about new opportunities that included a Fan Experience Package (FEP) for the first time. They got a deposit for 300 tickets to lock in that FEP just yesterday for when they get back.

  3. QUANTITY: I was floored when I talked to a USL rep who sold over $20,000 in tickets during this time (avg. ticket price $10). When they told me this I assumed they had some really cool, elaborate plan. They said the opposite. They've been averaging 150 calls per day and 75 emails per day. They believe upping their quantity has allowed them to be right place, right time with the few people that would be willing to buy. They've also got a pretty robust pipeline, too. It's not sexy...but it's working.

I keep hearing that not a lot of people are closing. And I believe that. But there definitely are some. Keep letting me know how you're finding them!

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