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  • Brett Zalaski

3 Things to Say to 'We don't do things like this.'

If you've been selling ANY sort of B2B in #sportsbiz ticket sales, you've heard this. It's biggest gut punch you can get. And, make no mistake, it's meant that way. It's not meant to start a conversation, it's meant to end the conversation. So I've been asked about combating this statement by a couple people through the here are my thoughts.

First, you aren't going to sell everyone. If people are purposely going to be assholes, you don't have to spend your time trying to sell to them. Sometimes we take on this mindset that just because they picked up the phone they have to be interested. So we attack, attack, attack as we exhaust ourselves against people that have less than zero interest to work with us. You may as well spend this time banging your head against the wall. At least that gives you some exercise.

But that just means that you should walk away quickly if they keep being assholes. It doesn't mean you shouldn't try. So, Brett, how would you combat this objection?

First, recognize that it's an objection. I've talked about how understanding value is the most important part of objection handling. It's the same here. It means, simply, that the person saying this, and their company, have not seen the value in investing in tickets...yet. That should be seen as an opportunity...not a gut punch. So what can we do once we're here? Three things you NEED to say:

  1. 'If you don't mind my asking...why not?': Reps tend to try to do too much in this moment. We talk about other companies, or how awesome it is, or get into the information...but you need to turn it back over to them. Immediately. Let them give you the reasons and the insights...or let them show you that they actually are an asshole if they just keep running over the top of you.

  2. 'I'd like to show you how other companies are finding value with us...': If they give you a reason for the above question you need to pay attention to it, and respond to it...and then, immediately, you need to give them validation that this product works. FOMO is one of, if not THE, the most powerful purchase driver going. And it's true in B2C and B2B. And you're not asking for the're simply offering to deliver value to them. That's incredibly powerful...and should be immediately followed up with...

  3. 'All I need is 15 minutes, even if this doesn't work...': People want to know that they aren't going to be run over...that's why they don't like talking to salespeople. Acknowledging the reality, that sales is a game of loss, takes a TON of pressure off the buyer and allows them to engage more. And 15 minutes is an incredibly reasonable time ask. If reinforces that this isn't going to be a high pressure, way too long used car's going to be an informative conversation that won't involve a tornado of pressure. People respond very positively to that.

If you can listen, respond, create FOMO, and take the foot of the sales pedal, you'll give yourself a chance here. But the most important thing to remember is that this is, 50% of the time, a straight kiss off. And that you do not have to spend time with people who are just, simply assholes. You're time and energy is too valuable to waste it on people who just want to yell at the next salesperson they speak with, just because they picked up the phone.

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