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  • Brett Zalaski

3 Ways to Stay Engaged to Make 100 Calls Per Day

I get asked at least once a month about staying engaged in a #sportsbiz sales job. It may not make the list for 'highest volume' topics...but it certainly makes the list for 'most consistent.'

So this isn't going to be a blog on 'visualization' or 'desire' or 'motivation.' This is going to be a blog on, literally, how do you stay excited day-in, day-out when you're doing the same job every day.

But I do want to address something first. There is an organizational responsibility to provide an environment you're excited to come in and make an impact every day...but, if that's not the case, it's still your job to produce results. Be proactive and make the energy you need to be successful...don't place that responsibility on someone else. It's your career, if the environment isn't what you like, be the conduit of change.

So, without further ado:

  1. Get Active Immediately: Don't be the person who gets in, talks to everyone, mills about, checks email, checks their fantasy team, talks to everyone again, THEN makes calls. Be the person who gets in and makes their schedule for the day...then is the first one to pick up the phone. Who cares what other people think? A good schedule helps you make money and making calls helps you make money. Waiting for other people to make a call first makes you jack shit. And if you lead with activity? It makes being active the rest of the day FAR easier.

  2. Make it a Competition: First person who makes a sale buys the other lunch. Everyone puts in $5 and the person who most successfully says a ridiculous word that day gets the pot. First person to 100 calls buys the first beer. Most revenue that day gets to peg the other one with a Nerf football. If these all sound specific...they are. I did them in my career. This may sound crazy, but the more competitive you make it, the more likely you are to take positive action. And millenials & Gen Z people are among the most competitive I've ever seen. They hate use your hatred of losing to your revenue advantage.

  3. Have Fun All the Time: When I made a sale, I played 'How Do You Like Me Now,' by Toby Keith. Not because I liked the song, because it pissed other people off. I used to throw that same Nerf football we pegged across the room to people WHILE I was on the phone. I made small competitions with myself if no one wanted to engage. I used to rotate calls with a friend to critique each other's process. I spent time brainstorming creative ways to engage my prospects over the phone and in email...and I practiced them with my managers and peers. I added time on my calendar to walk around and listen to other people, and see if they said something I could steal. I changed my calendar up daily to make sure I didn't get into a rut. We used to take 2 hour lunches on Friday's to talk and strategize about work. Be proactive in the ways that you have fun in the office.

It's easy to let this job beat you up. It can be repetitive. It's not a need based product so we'll get a lot of no's. Some times the team sucks. We spend a lot of our year selling when we're not actually playing. The secondary market has created a newer, more unique challenge. Etc. Etc. Etc.

But those are all excuses, and, as one of my favorite quotes ever says...those ain't helping you get paid. To get paid, you need to focus on making whatever you're doing as positive as possible. And that starts by impacting your train of thought and the environment around you. If you get those moving, you'll start moving, and if you start moving, you'll find sales.

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