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  • Brett Zalaski

4 Benefits That Will Help You Sell Season Tickets

We dump benefits on top of our clients throughout season ticket sales conversations. We think it adds or creates value for the client. Here's the thing...if you have a pen that the salesperson is selling you because it has a hard drive, and you already have 6 hard drives...that pen becomes MORE expensive because one of its key features has no value. That actually makes the pen MORE expensive in the eyes of the buyer.

One of the, if not the, biggest reasons buyers don't buy season tickets because it's already too many games, too overwhelming. Now you through benefit on benefit on benefit on top of it? Even more overwhelming. On top of that, if a buyer is buying season tickets or a partial plan for a hat or a scarf, that will EASILY be the most expensive hat or scarf in the world.

Our fans need to buy our ticket packages for the value of being at the games. Once they see the value in being in the stadium, we can utilize our benefits to handle the objections they may have. When you kitchen sink benefits beforehand? It just confuses or overwhelms the client. When you use them strategically? They are like laser-guided missiles helping you make the sale! Huh? Check it out!

Benefit: Ticket Exchange Program

Objection it Solves: I don't know if I can make all the games.

How?: I completely understand the challenge in making all the games. In fact, I've heard that from a number of current season ticket holders I welcomed into the TEAM NAME family. Because of that challenge, we have created a ticket exchange program where, for any game you will miss, we will be able to get your extra seats for games that you know that you'll make, allowing you to bring more family and friends. That way you will NEVER lose the value of a ticket.

Benefit: Dedicated Service Executive.

Objection it Solves: I don't know if I can make all the games.

How?: Thank you so much for your candidness. We have a TON of current season ticket holders who told me the exact thing before they jumped on board. What they've found is that they LOVE having a dedicated service executive who can help them in any ways that can make their experience easier. They can help you transfer tickets, help you maximize your benefits, proactively help you maximize the games you make, and help with the successful transition of tickets to the secondary market so you can make money back when you can't come.

Benefit: Extra tickets at season ticket price. Discount to team store. Discounts on concessions. Discounts on parking or free parking.

Objection it Solves: It's just so expensive.

How?: I appreciate you saying that and your candor. We heard from a number of season ticket holders that it can be expensive to go to games. That's why no one in our stadium, whether on tickets, parking, concessions, or team store pays LESS than our season ticket holders. We genuinely appreciate your support, and we want to make sure we show you that appreciation back.

Benefit: Access to special events (e.g. meet the team). Exclusive stadium access. Playoff priority. Stadium event priority. Etc.

Objection it Solves: What else do I get when if I do this? (Don't you hate that question?)

How?: What about an opportunity to meet the team? What if I could get you into the stadium early on match days? What if I could guarantee your seats when we make the playoffs? What if I could guarantee you special access to other stadium events?

Those are just four (plus a few extras). Take a look at your team's benefits. What objections could they help you solve? What about payment plans to help for those that say it's too expensive? There are plenty of others.

Take this challenge: Don't mention a benefit until 5 minutes into the conversation. Have the discipline to not oversell the benefits...rather, sell the game experience and use the benefits to close the deal. When you focus on REAL value and close with artificial value, you'll make a lot more sales.

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