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  • Brett Zalaski

5 Books for #SportsBiz Sales Reps Right Now

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I've had 60 calls with #sportsbiz reps for one-on-one training during this madness. I'd say in, roughly, 59 of them, I've been asked about books I'd recommend reading. I've written about the 5 books you need in your library, and even added 5 more books for good measure a few months later.

We are not in a normal selling environment right now. You'll see some cross-over from the previous articles, but most books on here are new, from my library, and focused on this moment in time for #sportsbiz sales reps.

  1. Go-Givers Sell More by Bob Burg & John David Mann: This one is a call back, but a really critical one right now. The focus on leading with what you add to a relationship is so critical right now. How are you positively impacting the lives of the people you are connecting with during a difficult time like this? If that leads your sales process, that will lead to sales.

  2. Consistency Selling by Weldon Long: This is going to be a valley for sales for a lot of people. Can't imagine a lot of sales reps are peaking right now. The focus of this book is truly managing the activity you create on a consistent basis so you face less painful and, hopefully, fewer valleys.

  3. The Hard Hat by Jon Gordon: First off, everyone here should be listening to Jon Gordon's Power of Positive Summit. Amazing stuff to get through this tough time. On to the book, it is impossible to get through this time alone. You need your teammates and your leaders to be stronger than ever...and to be consistent with your interactions with them, even when not scheduled, and your commitment to being a contributing part of that team. No book I've read outlines what a great teammate is better than this book.

  4. The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin: This is the other call back. The way that we think about sales during this time needs to change. We need to be more thoughtful, more creative, more engaging...s**t, we need to be creating art, not sales pitches to connect with buyers these days. That's what this book focuses on...are you complying, or are you creating art?

  5. Grit by Angela Duckworth: Listen, the salespeople that make it through this time in the best shape won't necessarily be defined by what they sell DURING this time, it'll be defined by the results they make once we start having fans again. This success will be based on your empathy, your consistency, your creativity, your success as a teammate...and, most specifically, your grit in pushing through the dark days and challenges.

These are just five that I believe contain core, critical thoughts for the moment we're in...I'd love to here any you think would fit!

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