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5 Things #SportsBiz Reps Have Done During #COVID19 That Sold

I'm now at 60 conversations with #sportsbiz reps from my initial offer. Most of our conversations have NOT included selling during this madness, more general career advice...but some of the conversations have. Or others have reached out to me during this time with their stories of selling during this craziness. And some are really, actually selling. And they are doing it thoughtfully & creatively. Here's 5 of my favorite ways reps have made sales:

  1. Build Database, Send Email: We talked about it yesterday on the site. An NBA inside sales rep did this immediately, and made TWO season ticket sales from it. Please go check out the article.

  2. B2B Touchpoint Campaign: I'm a huge believer in B2B touchpoint campaigns as a way to schedule more meetings (9 thoughtful touches over 3 weeks via phone, email, & LinkedIn). Anyone who's seen my B2B sales training knows this. A rep who sat in my trainings YEARS ago, and now sells premium in the NBA, said they started doing this just last week when looking back through old notes. They've already schedule 5 meetings and made 1 hospitality sale! Better late than never!

  3. Sell Later Date Groups: I was having a conversation with a group sales rep in MLS who was talking about focusing their current group leaders and new group prospects on dates later in the season. People seem to have more confidence in July/August dates than May/June dates (probably for good reason)...and are REALLY excited about coming back. This rep has had success re-booking some of his March/April groups into that time...and has sold TWO new groups into that same period.

  4. Referrals from Current Clients: I've heard a lot of sales leaders say they're using this time to ask their reps to get to know their clients better. I don't know how well this is going, or how people are tracking this...but I talked to a USL rep who has taken this seriously. From his book of business (he is full menu seller/service), he's generated over 60 leads and has closed 8 season seats from this already.

  5. CAMEO!!!: This one was awesome. I commented on a post about Cameo's (, a celebrity messaging site, that I had gotten for my wife and two step-kids...and were awesome (check out Greg Grunberg & Kevin Weisman's for my family here - we're big Star Wars & Alias fans!). An MLB sales rep wrote to me that HE had purchased a couple Cameo's for his clients...and they were a huge success! He landed 3 sales because of it! That's innovative. That's awesome. That's what I'm talking about!

Because these times are uncertain, it is really difficult to sell. But it's not impossible. Ton of credit to these reps for their proactiveness and creativity. How have you been attacking this time?

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