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  • Brett Zalaski

5 Ways to Maximize a Call Block

Recently, an article on time management blew up on this site. Of the feedback I received, and it was way more than most articles on the site, people had a lot of questions on how I configured my call time on the picture in the article. Someone wrote specifically:

I understand the idea of putting call time together, but I'm confused as to why CRM is separated out from it. Why not just make it a 2 hour call and CRM block?

Here's the thing, if we're being honest. Updating CRM, answering our phone, responding to emails, are all great ways to delay making outbound calls.

And here's the problem with that, we don't make sales without outbound calls. I'm all for the day when people Tweet DM you their credit card consistently, or even email you their credit card consistently...we're just not there yet. That means the more we delay our outbound efforts, the less credit cards we get.

Here's a step-by-step on how to take most advantage of blocked call time:

  1. Block the time on your calendar: Put the time on your and say exactly what it's for. 'At 10 am, I'm going to call new buyers for an hour.' Often we just do it by feel or opportunity...then we get to 3 pm, with a call goal of 60 calls, staring at 25 recorded calls. Don't put yourself in that position.

  2. Get your list ahead of time: Make sure your lists have similar outcome goals. Meaning, don't call different types of leads...or cross streams for Ghostbusters fans. If it's follow ups, only do follow ups. If it's new business calls, only focus on new business calls. If it's new buyer calls, only focus on new buyer calls. The more the focus on your outcome is the same, the more focused your calls will be. Have your list printed out and ready to go for the call time.

  3. Turn off your email & CRM: It is so easy to get distracted by incoming emails, or updating your CRM. If someone needs you in that hour internally, they'll know where to find you. If someone from the outside wants something, they can wait. You can wait to update CRM. Your ability to stay focused on the task at hand will be the way in which you best maximize your call time.

  4. Set a call goal: 'In 60 minutes, I want to make 40 calls.' Whatever that goal is, write it out. Now, if you make 30 calls because you have awesome conversations...great! But if your team still does call minimums...imagine how cool it'd be to be sitting at 10 am with 40 calls already?

  5. Take good notes: Not updating CRM isn't an excuse to not be CRM compliant. Leave room on your printed out call sheet for notes, and take really good notes along the way. Updating CRM is not just important for the organization, it's critical to allow you to be fully present in every interaction you have.

I was talking about free throw shooting with my step-son and we discussed how important positive visualization was. The goal is not just to shoot the shot, it's to positively visualize the result you want...and aim for that. That's why I loved call blocks. I could keep repeating my attempts at the same positive result in quick succession, maximizing the touch points I made...and, more importantly, the individual conversations I had. A call block doesn't work when you're unfocused and allow distractions. It works when you heed the 5 tips above! The quote here is dramatic...but makes a great point!

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