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  • Brett Zalaski

5 Ways to Use Senses to Sell on Social Media

One thing that #sportsbiz sales reps need to consistently understand is that fans either have information, or believe they can easily access information. This could be about your team, your stadium, your schedule, your ticket packages etc. They believe this because the believe this about everything. Information has never been more available, and buyers are in consistent belief that they are always just a couple keyboard punches away from the information they need.

In this environment, the value that we add needs to be something that fans do not think they have access to. You need to help them 'see under the hood' of a pro sports organization to give them insider access, or make them feel FOMO...or that they are genuinely missing out by not being at your game.

The amazing thing about social media as a sales tool is that it is three-dimensional. You can use the platform to move past words and your emotion, to sight, sound, and the emotion of others. So here are some ways you can use your senses to sell on social media.

  • Sound: There are so many incredible traditions in sports that have to do with sound that help define our fandom. The Seattle Sounders clap, the Pistons' 'Deeeee-troit Basketball' (right), 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' at Wrigley Field. These are all iconic parts of the fan experience. Use these to help your fans not just see, but hear what they are missing by not being in attendance. These traditions pull at the heartstrings of fans...and make them want to come back out and experience for themselves.

  • Sight: One of the most powerful testimonials you can give are fans going crazy at your games. Win, lose, WANT to be there, and they WANT to be there with their friends and family. Capturing those very images and putting them on social makes for an incredibly powerful story to tell for the fans who you connect with...and you should do it consistently...even in the off-season.

  • Taste: During my time at the Houston Dynamo we premiered a new eating space. To help show it to our fans, I did my Taste of EaDo Food of the Match (at right). And every week I picked up followers for it. Fans know that the fan experience is more than sitting and cheering. It also includes eating and drinking, too. Highlighting these things makes the fan experience more exciting for our fans...and connects them not just to the team, but, more importantly, the overall experience of being there.

  • Smell: This one's a little out there, but bear with me. There is a specific smell to walking in the stadium. For example, I can tell, just by walking into an arena, if that team is sponsored by Papa John's. The sights of a stadium are the most enduring, but the close-your-eyes-smell of being there works, too. So I wouldn't LEAD with smell in any post, but I would absolutely include it as you highlight the other senses in the way we discussed above.

  • Feel: I'm going to take this one out to left field a bear with me. I'm not going to use 'feel' as in the sense of touch. I'm going to use 'feel' as in, 'how you feel when you're at a game.' Make it personal. How did it feel to be at the match or game that one of your fans missed? You can create FOMO not by describing the events, but what it 'felt' like in the stadium at the time. Or you can interview fans who were there. That sense of 'FEEL' is absolutely the genesis of where FOMO is created. Use it.

I've been asked quite a bit about social media. And I'll have lots more thoughts going forward. The most important thing is to remember that fans have, or can access, information...they just can't access their senses. Their senses, not the information, will always be your best sales tools on social media. Draw people in through the senses...don't push them away with information.

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