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50 Days, 50 Blogs: I'm YOUR Biggest Fan

Most times I post an article I've either sketched out the topic the night before or actually finished the blog the night before. This one? I made a decision to just wake up today and write.

Last night, after an amazing call with MLS National Sales Center alumni, I found my mind wandering to today's topic. Was I going to write a 'thank you' article? Was I going to write one talking about statistics? Those both were where the smart money should have gone...but I woke up this morning pretty convicted on a topic.

In most of my writings we talk about action. Taking action during this time is critical. Building a pipeline during this time is critical. Doing whatever you can to make the first day back in the office, with games, feel like Christmas morning.

Because this time is going to expose people. It will expose the sales reps on your team who you thought were just lucky as either just lucky...or really good. It'll expose sales leaders who don't have a plan or take action. It'll expose entire premium departments who've taken their foot off the gas pedal, and group sales departments who haven't created brainstorm opportunities with their clients.

I root really hard for this industry. I'd go toe-to-toe with anyone on being #sportsbiz' biggest fan. My friends in leadership roles all the way down to the inside sales reps who come to this site for help and guidance...but with whom I've never spoken. For those that know me know I believe that filling our stadiums makes the world a better, more unified place...and seeing young sales reps grow in to leaders is the most professionally satisfying thing I know...even if they don't work directly for me. And I want to do whatever I can to continue to help this industry succeed when we get back.

So I'll be back next week. Not with 5 articles. Not on Monday. But I'll be back, doing whatever I can to help ALL of you be successful and fill these stadiums when its time.

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