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A B2B Sales Hack in #COVID19

While I've been including B2B in the vast majority of articles I've written during this time, someone alerted me to the fact that I hadn't written one specifically for B2B sales. Which is crazy...B2B sales is my favorite thing in the whole world. Let's rectify that...

For those that don't know a ton about my background, I started my sales career at a company called CEB, where we sold executive best practice research. They also wrote an insanely popular sales book (it has its own wikipedia page!).

My job there was to reach out to Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Advertising Officers, and Chief Communications Officers of Fortune 500 or Global 3000 companies. So, if you can imagine the most difficult to reach people on the planet...that's who I was calling. And I was mostly calling them. We didn't have LinkedIn back then. It was crucial that I was prepared and thoughtful or I didn't have a prayer with those executives. In my first year at CEB I scheduled so many meetings with those businesses I got promoted to going on those meetings. In my second year I hit my individual revenue target. Overall, I was directly responsible or first support on $3,000,000 in revenue. And here's the biggest thing I learned that can help right now:

Game respects game.

Successful executives want to see your initiative in reaching out to them in these circumstances. They want to see you do your background research on them and their companies...and see you use that in your reach out. They want to see an email at 7:15 am. They want to catch the voice message you left at 6 pm. They want to read your LinkedIn post on how other companies are finding success with your product. They want you to have the confidence that a Zoom meeting is a fine starting point.

I've said it a lot...businesses are going to be moving in light speed as they get back to the office over the next few months...and for a long time after that. If you haven't connected with them now, when they have'll be waiting a LONG time when they, and you, get back.

Game respects game. Get after it.

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