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A Selfish Sales Hack for #SportsBiz Reps

This article is about a database. But this ain't a PSA for our managers. It's a selfish sales hack for sales reps.

We all have people who ghosted us. We all have people who said 'no' to us. We all have people who said 'not now' to us...especially right now. And all of these people ultimately get re-circulated as leads after they drop off your radar. And, invariably, someone else makes the call and benefits from all your work.

Stop that circle. Go back through your CRM, old notes, pipelines, emails, etc. Find all of those people and create the 'YOUR NAME Database.' This should sit preferably in an excel file, or a list in your more advanced CRM's.

Every week, two weeks, or once a month, send that list an email that focuses on the following things:

  • Cool and important stories about the team

  • Top highlights from games, pictures from games, video from games, etc.

  • Stories about current Season Ticket Holders/Group Leaders you create

  • New ticket packages/inventory your team is coming out with

This should be a very soft-touch email. Not hard sell...just information. This does a few things for you:

  • Establishes you as their point of contact...forever

  • Establishes you as an expert for the team

  • Allows them to ignore the 80 emails from your team and focus on yours

  • Keeps contact within your team's lead ownership policy so they stay yours!!!

One of my sales reps at the Crew went over two years of contacts and found about 500 leads. He made 2-3 sales every time he sent out this email. If you stay consistent, at some point, it will hit the right person with the right offer at the right time.

This makes you sales with the push of a button. I can't imagine a better time to do this than right now...

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