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A Word You NEED to Use to Sell Right Now

Back in December of 2018 I wrote an entire article on the word 'when'...and that word has never been more important in sales than it is today. There's just no way to engage a client in a meaningful way without inspiring hope in the conversation...which, on top of being assumptive, is exactly what the word 'when' can do.

  • 'When we get back...'

  • 'When we start playing again...'

  • 'When we get back in the stadium...'

  • 'When this lifts and we play games again...'

Selling hope is an incredibly effective sales tool. The Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers had tremendous sales growth selling hope to their fans. The word 'when' is the most powerful way to illustrate that. The Kings had '...when our state of the art stadium opens,' and the 76ers had ''ll need to be there when our players mature.'

This will work with ticket buyers, non-profits, businesses, youth sports organizations...everyone. Everyone wants a return to normalcy...and everyone wants sports back.

So, to truly engage people you have to sell people into that vision of hope for the return, and the vision that they'll want to be there. And there's no better word to illustrate that hope and create that vision than 'when'.

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