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  • Brett Zalaski

ALSD Sneak Peak - A New Thought in Sales Training

This article will be posted on June 30th. On July 1st, very early in the morning CST, I will launch a preview of new sales training I will be debuting in September.

There are a few constants on my website. We've addressed time management through a plethora of articles. We had a whole month for group sales. Over and over again, I also hear rep frustrations in calling ticket buyers. Time and time again reps feel like they're trying to jam square pegs into round holes, selling season tickets and large partial plans to people who buy only one game or, worse, now purchase through the secondary market. The frustration is palpable in the messages I receive almost every day.

The frustration is not only evident in the notes, but it is also palpable in a research project I've been doing. I've been calling pro sports teams as an inbound opportunity...and the results have been pretty shocking. I'm over 100 calls and the results are, for lack of a better word, rough:

  • 3% of reps asked 2nd level questions

  • 11% asked for any personal information past my contact info

  • 89% talked product within 2 minutes

  • 68% pitched their cheapest product first

  • 72% said 'starting at' or some derivative before stating pricing

In the words of the Notorious BIG, though, 'Negativity just brings failure.' That negativity we get FROM our phone calls bleeds INTO our phone calls. It's a vicious cycle that drives reps away from being excited to talk to our fans. And how crazy is that statement when you take a step back from it. You work for a pro sports team...and you don't want to talk to your teams fans. Yeesh. We are teaching our reps to overthink their interactions with our fans...and it's driving both fans and reps away from each other.

That's all going to change. Perspective is a remarkably undervalued sales skill in #sportsbiz. We don't sell a complex product. We only treat it that way. Clarity is coming. To be continued...

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