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  • Brett Zalaski

ALSD Sports Sales Training Forum Takeaways

This was my 5th year speaking at or moderating the Sports Sales Training Forum at ALSD, and I can tell you, definitively, this was the best year yet. The quality of speakers, both inside and outside sports, was off the charts. It was an honor to host the event.

There were four major takeaways that seemed to resonate from speaker, to speaker, to speaker, to speaker, throughout the day. You couldn't make it? Here they are...

  1. Authenticity: Over, and over, and over again, the idea being authentic and real with our buyers came up. Having a very real interest in doing best by our buyers will always allow us to be our best selves with our clients. We become robotic in our efforts to communicate information, when all our clients want is a person to connect with.

  2. Vulnerability: It's not just important to be ourselves with our clients, it's important for them to see us as genuinely human, too. Being open and real, allowing them to see our flaws, and being nakedly honest will always endear us to our clients. They don't want robots...they want people. They want vulnerable...not perfect.

  3. Solve Problems, Stopping Passing Information: Everyone, B2B and B2C have problems or challenges. They also have access to information. If you treat a potential client as someone who wants information dumped on them, they won't buy. If you help solve a problem or challenge for a client, you will get access to the conversation...and an almost unlimited budget.

  4. Personal Development > Sales Development: An inspired rep is more valuable than an engaged rep. We need to ensure that a rep feels confident in doing their job. That can be body language, verbiage, product knowledge, etc. Most of which aren't hard or soft sales skills...just skills that help teach young men and women be professional...and inspire and encourage them to continue their growth.

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