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  • Brett Zalaski

Bridging The Gap: Getting More Answers from 'Maybe's'

Nobody likes Ghost Accounts in sales. They are, by far, the most annoying part of sales and the sales process.

It started out so well. We had such a great conversation with Bill. We shared such high hopes. But now Bill won't pick up the phone when we call...and we are starting to hate his guts. We talked on Monday, were supposed to connect on Friday, and then he didn't pick up...the 5 times we called on Friday. And then he didn't pick up the following Monday. And also Tuesday. And Wednesday. And the 7 mores times after that.

You will never be able to erase all Ghost Accounts. It will happen. But there are TWO ways to ensure that you can get less and less:

  1. Close the Window: Long ago I saw a sales stat that said a B2C call was technically dead in 72 hours without a strong follow-up step. A strong follow-up step is not 'We can talk next week.' If you connect on Monday, make sure the follow-up is no later than Wednesday, Tuesday->Thursday, Wednesday/Thursday/Friday->Friday. Air and space kills sales...and gives rise to ghost accounts.

  2. Bridge the Gap: If it's Monday and you set the follow-up for Wednesday, send a meeting planner with a Zoom link on Monday. Then send a follow-up note with a video from an assistant coach, or your manager, or etc. Show them that you're serious and that you care to earn their business. Instead of thinking about all the reasons to NOT give them more reasons TO buy.

Shrink the window, bridge the gap...and you'll see less and less and less ghost accounts. Ghost accounts aren't the fault of the's the fault of the seller. You take that mentality...and you can become a GhostAccountBuster. Ok, that was terrible...but you get my point.

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