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Consistency in Selling During #COVID19

Last week we went on a family road trip to see quite a few of our national parks. In these surreal circumstances, it was incredible to get away and find some time for peace and beauty. But, as most of y'all know, I'm always on the look out for new content...even when I'm on vacation. At the Grand Canyon a sign stuck out. I tweeted about it yesterday.

After that tweet, an MLS sales rep wrote me the following note:

...Normally consistency isn't a problem. I'm just really challenged finding consistency during #COVID19. What would you have told your former self about finding consistency during this moment?...

It was a really fair question. It's easy to tweet that...but what would I have done in this moment? How would I have tried to keep my head above water?

I don't think I'd focus on call numbers. I don't think I'd focus on 'hustle metrics.' I'd focus on sincere pipeline movement. What do I mean by that?

My responsibility, each day, would be to do whatever it takes to move my business forward. This would include:

  • Diligent pipeline management: I would know where my business was EVERY day and know what I needed to do to make a sale today, or confirm I'd make a sale tomorrow. I'd never want to go two days without making a sale. Which leads to...

  • Accountability: This was one of my major advantages as a seller. I felt responsible to myself and my organization to make a sale or schedule a meeting every day. This needs to be on blast with every rep. Excuses are easy right now...don't buy into them. Focus on holding yourself accountable. If you hold yourself accountable, you'll do the actions you need to be successful.

  • Stay Active: I'm not sure any boss is truly thinking a rep is working from 8-5, 9-5, or 9-6 when they're home. That seems unrealistic, as we don't do that when we're in the offices, either. But you need to stay active. If you take a break, listen to a podcast, read a book, take a run. Go get takeout or get a workout in over lunch. Only turn on the TV when you're doing busy work. Make sure you schedule out your calendar. It's critical that you stay active.

It's really hard to know what results to expect as an organization or as a rep right now. But it doesn't change how consistent you can be, personally. Be diligent on the actions above...and you'll find consistent success selling during #COVID19.

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