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  • Brett Zalaski

Finding Happiness Through Your Sales Pitch

Have you ever got a call from someone trying to sell you something with a stiff, robotic tone of voice? Or been in a retail or service environment with a really bad salesperson? It's awkward. You're miserable for yourself. Your miserable for them. It's a horrible environment to be stop doing it yourself!

You got hired over hundreds of other resumes for a reason. You stood out. Too often I hear over-trained (Hand-raised, I've been guilty here!), over-analytical, overly-robotic, and personality-less sales conversations. They hurt my soul. Stop thinking, drop the overly scripted sales training, and be yourself.

Here are three really important questions to ask yourself so you can be yourself:

1. Who are you with the people who know you best? If you are not representing that person on the phones, you need to take a step back. Information passing sales reps don't pass the starting line in sales today. Adding value is really important, but you can only add value if you're in the conversation. The only way to get into the conversation is to engage these people the way you engage the people closest to you.

2. What do you love about your product? What interested you about working for that brand in the first place? Taking a step back, when you attend the games, what do you love about them? Make sure your potential clients know that and feel your positive energy from early in the conversation. Sales is the transference of energy from one person to you're creating a BIG uphill battle if your clients don't feel connected to your passion for the product.

3. Would you buy from you? If you called you to sell you your product, would you buy your pitch? You have to be deadly honest with this question. You may love your product, but if your pitch doesn't reflect that, and you'd rather work with someone else/buy online, you have to change it. Don't be that salesperson we talked about above. Be that energetic, thoughtful, opinionated, and positive waiter you tip above 20% because they elevated the experience.

If you can answer those three questions and incorporate them into your pitch, regardless of any other training you receive and/or implement, you will be a successful salesperson. While this conversation absolutely needs to be about them, don't ever forget that you are the one having it with them.

You want to be happier in your job as a salesperson? Lose those 'boring' call hours in the day? Then change the way you represent yourself and your product. As the quote on the right brilliantly illuminates, you decide your fate every day you walk in the office. Choose to be yourself. Choose to be happy.

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