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  • Brett Zalaski

Get After It Sales Training is BACK!

After just over two years away, Get After It Sales Training is back!

In May of 2018, I started Empowerment of a Salesperson as a site to create a positive, free space where #sportsbiz sales reps could get their most pressing questions & challenges about sales solved. After 85 pieces of content and almost 12,000 visits, the site surpassed any expectation I could have had.

I also received over 400 content submissions to the site from sales reps and sales leaders across #sportsbiz, talking to me about their biggest challenges. During this time I dusted off the notebooks I used when I did sales trainings, and looked at the biggest takeaways that the reps I coached had. I looked at the notes from all 27 of my #TopSellerPodcast's, and, finally, took copious notes on 8 sales trainings I did towards the back end of 2018.

Over the last three weeks, I've dissected all that information...and I've found that the majority of the challenges reps face fit into one of three major E's:

  1. Engagement: Before they can sell to a client, they have to be able to communicate with them...and with the hundreds of communications customers get every day, this is becoming increasingly more of a challenge.

  2. Efficiency: Over and over again, reps wrote into talking about the challenge of time management (#1 request on the site)...and wondering how they could be smarter and more efficient at their job.

  3. Entrepreneurship: The biggest challenge sales leaders are having is accountability with their reps (again, #1 on They want reps to sales & selling tickets as a career...not their first job.

Also, as I get the privilege to work with your team, I'll promise the three main tenants that got me to a 78% re-hire rate within 12 months of anyone that hired me my first time around:

  1. Empowering: I will empower your reps in my training to find their voice and their path to success. I will empower them to view sales as their job...not a job.

  2. Relevant: Between my constant desire to learn, and, now, my website, my content has never been more relevant...and my finger never more on the pulse of what challenges sales reps every day.

  3. Customized: Team's will still have complete say over the training content prior to me walking into the building. This training is 100% about your group...even if new content has to be created for it.

More information on these can be found at

While I've never been more excited to work with team's again...2018 also brought me a ton of personal fulfillment. I'm, now, incredibly happily married with two step-kids...and thus my travel schedule will reflect that. At my peak, I was averaging about 30 trainings a year. In 2019, I will only do about 15, or whatever fits in a 10-12 week travel schedule. If you have interest, please, reach out to me at

I'd love to keep chatting...but it's time to #getafterit!

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