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  • Brett Zalaski

GROUP SALES MONTH: Doug Fowler - Top Seller Podcast

Group Sales Month on Empowerment of a Salesperson is sponsored by FEVO. FEVO is a sales amplification tool used by industry leading pro sports teams, colleges, and festivals. For more information check out

FEVO has been the sponsor of Group Sales Month...but it all started because I was a client. While vetting all the group sales amplification programs, one of the big reasons FEVO stood out was their current EVP, Doug Fowler. Doug's attention to detail, passion and knowledge of the pain points on the team side were a monster help in making the decision to go with FEVO. And he brings all of that to this Top Seller Podcast.

In this 42 minute conversation we discuss a lot of group sales from the team side, best practices and interesting new groups Doug sees from his vantage point, how best to maximize groups through an amplification platform, some of his favorite personal group sales moments, and a ton more.

The audio is great, and I'd HIGHLY recommend this to any group seller, manager, or director. The content is absolutely terrific, with a lot of new ideas and strategies that teams could immediately embrace and implement on any platform (but they should totally be on FEVO). Doug travels a ton, so appreciate him carving out time to do this. It's one of, if not the most, immediately implementable podcasts we've done...and 100% worth the listen for anyone involved in group sales.

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