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  • Brett Zalaski

GROUP SALES MONTH: Group Sales Truths No Matter What Sport or Market

Group Sales Month on Empowerment of a Salesperson is sponsored by FEVO. FEVO is a sales amplification tool used by industry leading pro sports teams, colleges, and festivals. For more information check out

Guest Author: Andrew Rubinstein is the Director of Group Sales for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. Andrew features a tremendous perspective on group sales, cultivating that mindset in a career that includes successful stops in the AFL, MLB, and four different AHL teams.

What’s in a Group?

Groups Across Sports

Think about the last time you went to a sporting event – What was the final score? Who scored the game-winning basket or goal? Who was in the starting line-up? For most of you reading this, unless it was a once in a lifetime moment like witnessing a perfect game in person, the answer is "I can't remember." Now, start to think about why you went. Was it for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Did your son or daughter have a school performance at the event? Did you close a business deal? For those of us that live in the ticketing world, ask your group leaders these questions, and they can probably rattle off how amazing the experience was, how cool it was to see their kid on the field, but they probably can't answer any of those first questions either. So what is the difference between selling groups for football, hockey, basketball, or baseball? Absolutely nothing.

Fun on our Side

I have said it before, and I will say it again, but "sales is sales." The excitement of the logo you work for wears off real quick when you've gone day after day of hearing no, and more "I'll get back to you's" than you can count. Nobody "needs" sports, but we are lucky enough to have a vehicle that can make accomplishing your organization’s goals a lot more fun. If you are a high school football team, would you rather raise money by going door to door selling discount cards, or by selling tickets to a game where you can be recognized on the ice for winning your league. If you are a business, are your clients going to be wowed by another dinner at a restaurant they've been to 10+ times, or by getting the chance to stand on the field during player intros with their family?

No copy machine or life insurance policy can provide these remarkable experience that organizations are unable to get in most other places. One of the most significant similarities that I've also noticed is that the best businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, etc. are using group events to accomplish their goals. Some of the top producing real estate agents here in the Lehigh Valley are utilizing us to thank their clients who have referred them business throughout the year. They do not "need" to spend that money on them, but by using sports, they know they are going to provide that wow moment that will keep them top of mind.

Mindset and Consistency

At the end of the day, it's going to come down to the mindset of what you are trying to accomplish from a group perspective. Most of us saw the reaction of the New Orleans Pelicans ticket sales office when they got the number one pick in the NBA draft lottery. Is it exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity for everyone in that office – yes. That is one of the things that makes working in sports so exciting – you can have these crazy, unexpected, improbable things happen. Short term they will see tremendous success in all areas of their business. In the long run, including with group sales, it is going to be sticking with their process that will allow them thrive no matter the circumstance.

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