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  • Brett Zalaski

GROUP SALES MONTH: Josh Feinberg - Top Seller Podcast

Group Sales Month on Empowerment of a Salesperson is sponsored by FEVO. FEVO is a sales amplification tool used by industry leading pro sports teams, colleges, and festivals. For more information check out

Josh Feinberg has pretty much done it all when it comes to group sales. MiLB, MLB, & NBA. Middle of the country, down south, east coast, and west coast. Intern, AE, Manager, and Director. Alongside all those stops, he's established himself as one of the best in #sportsbiz when it comes to group sales.

On this 41 minute podcast, we discuss his career, and then a very real soup-to-nuts group sales conversation. We talk process, meetings, focus, maximizing each day, driving momentum in group sales, and how a group sales rep is an event planner.

The audio cuts in and out a little, but is still an easy listen. The content is fantastic for anyone that touches group sales...whether inside sales, AE's, managers, directors, or VP's. His insights are outstanding and incredibly applicable. Nothing really on 'this is what you say', just a ton of content on mindset and process. We had the chance to sit down and do this podcast in person, and will absolutely be my format moving forward. The dialogue is way more valuable when it's more conversational and less structured, so absolutely appreciate Josh for helping us make this work!

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