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  • Brett Zalaski

GROUP SALES MONTH: Maximizing Groups with Internal Resources

Group Sales Month on Empowerment of a Salesperson is sponsored by FEVO. FEVO is a sales amplification tool used by industry leading pro sports teams, colleges, and festivals. For more information check out

Earlier we talked about having a hook for each group so you can maximize to everyone in the groups constituency...especially making it attractive to the non-fans of your sport. At best, these cost the organization little to nothing, but have a big impact on the group.

What's important is that you let the group dictate the resource that will maximize the impact. We often tend to think we know better than the group...or we know something worked for a similar group so we just pitch that. That's all wrong. People want something customized for them designed through their input. The more they feel like they have ownership over their group, the more invested they'll be in making it a success. They also know their group better than you do. Ask the group leaders what will make this group the most successful, or what will get their people to act.

Now it would probably help to define what those resources or 'hooks' could be. We'll take a look at them in three major categories...Stadium Resources, Organizational Resources, & Added Value Offers.

Stadium Resources: Your stadium is a resource in and of itself. Many stadiums have built-in group spaces these days that can be sold for a premium. Many organizations are doing things like 'Yoga on the Court'. You can use your stadium on a 'Dark Day', or when the team isn't playing, to host an event or school outing. I've seen police and fire doing a 9/11 Themed Stair Climb for charity...or police playing fire on your field. I've also seen organizations give up their facility to partner with the Glow Run or Zombie run...or partner with a hiking club for a themed hike around their building. Teams sell an opportunity to play on their court, or any number of fan experience packages like 'High 5' tunnels. I've seen teams with a stage host graduations or church events. I worked with a rep who partnered with an online classroom to create a meet-and-greet around our facility. You can partner with a local wrestling organization to host a card before one of your matches.

Organizational Resources: Everything associated with your organization is a resource, too. Your President can speak to a Chamber of Commerce. One of your players can speak to their alumni group after a match. People in the various parts of your staff can speak to students about how their education helps them with their current job. Your coaching staff can do a coaches clinic for youth coaches of your sport...or a Chalk Talk to discuss the team your playing that night with a youth team. Your dance team can host a clinic for local dance schools with a ticket included. You can host a tour of your offices prior to a match for an Future Business Leaders of America group. Your grounds crew can host a clinic for the agriculture departments at local colleges. The team chaplain can lead a Faith and Family Night service.

Added Value Offers: We have a host of things that can also increase the value of the group opportunity. You can add a hat for the first 100 people who sign up for the group. You can have the first 100 people in a group be in your fan tunnel. You can add a voucher for food in the offer. You can add in a group picture on the field. You can offer two different seating locations for people who may want to sit a little closer vs. those who just want in the stadium. You can add a donation component as part of a fundraiser for the youth team or charitable organization.

These are just specific examples of things I've seen or heard about that have absolutely worked. Hell, you can combine things off each of the three lists for just one group if it makes sense. The next great idea group sales innovation has not been created yet...and that's why you have to listen to what your groups need BEFORE you create the group. Utilizing your resources to create momentum and maximize a group will absolutely work...but only if it creates ownership and customization for that group.

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