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  • Brett Zalaski

GROUP SALES MONTH: Tweet It, Post It, Gram It, Sell It

Group Sales Month on Empowerment of a Salesperson is sponsored by FEVO. FEVO is a sales amplification tool used by industry leading pro sports teams, colleges, and festivals. For more information check out

Guest Author: Hayley Di Naso has been an accomplished group and event seller in the NBA & NFL, as well as a featured sales trainer for ISBI. Hayley stood out to me in every sales training I had with her...but, for the purposes of this blog, I've long been impressed with her attitude and approach towards utilizing social to sell.

First phone call of the day. You have a big group sales goal ahead of you, so you know it’s time to “smile and dial” as they say. They pick up, and you connect … for 11 hours!

I know what you’re thinking, impossible right? Or is it?

Okay, I confess, a traditional sales call may only last 11 seconds, let alone 11 hours. So where’s the catch?

Social media. On average, American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening, or simply interacting with media on a multitude of platforms. Here’s your advantage. Simply connect.

Have a presence. Lend your voice. Educate and empower buyers to come to you and improve their experience.

The speed in which information is absorbed on social platforms is astonishing. Take advantage of that. Find some online cheerleaders that have worked with you in the past and are active on their social accounts. Have them shout from the rooftops how great you are to work with. Then get busy connecting.

Social presence and selling really comes alive for group ticket sales. Being visible to a large group on a Facebook event page, displaying fan experiences on Instagram, or even tweeting with group leaders in-game is a huge advantage for group ticket sellers. Every sports team is active on the social media titans, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find out which platform your fan base is most engaged with, and then get to work.

Facebook is fabulous for large group events. Build out event pages with your group leader(s), post ticket purchase links, game day guides, and your contact information. Remember to check in on the event page, answer questions, and add to the ongoing conversations. This is a wonderful tool for reoccurring groups, as you can post photos and videos from past outings to build excitement for future events.

Instagram is ideal for content. It’s the best platform for telling stories with pictures and short videos of fan experiences and theme nights. Highlight group leaders and organizations by tagging them in their experience, make your content shareable, and educate your followers on the advantages of group packages. Best of all, you can push this interaction right to Facebook and Twitter from the platform.

Twitter is terrific for constant conversations. Retweet team information in real time and build up excitement around group events with relatable hashtags. Make sure to follow organizations and companies you currently work with or want to work with, and follow your group leaders. Take advantage of Periscope and go live during a game while you make in seat visits or show a VIP group experience. Posting ticket links to upcoming theme nights is a great way to get additional sales in and provide education on group packages your team offers.

Now, let’s not forget the cardinal rule here. The goal of EVERY online conversation is to bring it off line. At the end of the day people still want to buy from people. Beyond that they are fine interacting, maybe even prefer, connecting through social media.

Additionally, learn your team’s social media guidelines. When used correctly social media is your advantage, fail to know your clubs standards and it could be your disadvantage. Consider building a second profile from you personal accounts to stay on brand and in line with your organizations rules.

Don’t waste your time creating team content. Your club spends millions of dollars and has hired the best in the business to create on brand, accurate, and eye catching team content. This is your marketing team, use them! Repost highlights, comment on upcoming events, and tweet out relevant information from your clubs accounts. This not only saves you time, but legitimizes your connection to the team as an insider.

Consistency is the heart beat of any social media platform. If you feel that engaging on multiple outlets could be overwhelming, pick the one you are best at and own it. Pro tip, find a social media manger site, such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to help build out interactions in advance and keep conversations in one place.

Finally, have fun with it and be you. 11 hours per day is a lot of time to get in front of someone. Show how you can provide the best experiences in sports, at the best rates by purchasing a group package. Best of all they get to buy from you… after all your friends on Facebook now.

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