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  • Brett Zalaski

Guest Technology Blog: WarmUp

This article was written by Mike Hurley, Co-Founder & CEO of WarmUp. WarmUp is a technology focused on working with a sales reps' existing client universe to digitize the process of generating referrals. You know, those leads that close at the highest rates. It's exactly as bad ass as it sounds. Here's more from Mike:

Hello fellow Sales Pros!

Everyone knows that the best kind of lead is a direct referral. Yet, what our team has found (through many interviews) is that most sales reps don’t ask for referrals. If they do, it’s often haphazard and ad-hoc, at best.

What we also found is that sales managers believe their teams should be asking for referrals. However, most of these same sales leaders admitted they were not sure how many referrals their team was asking for or how many referrals their team has actually received.

As a result, most of us spend time pursuing colder lead sources. This means we are spinning our wheels with a lot of activity but not a lot of effective activity. This is a tragedy (OK, it’s not that bad)! But it is sad and here’s why, research often shows that customer referrals convert at a higher rate than any other lead source!

Customer referrals can be a predictable stream of revenue and I’m going to tell you how.

WarmUp is a software service that helps you ask all your customers for referrals.

If you already ask for referrals what you’ll find is WarmUp is a better mousetrap, helping you generate more referrals than ever before. If you don’t currently ask for referrals (which is most sales reps) we give you an out-of-the-box process that is fast and easy for you to use.

Here is a quick example of a recent success story...

Our team worked with Garrett Rosh at the Indianapolis Indians to help him run a referral campaign with WarmUp. Garrett made 250 referral asks, he was promised 60 referrals and thus far has received 31 referrals! And, most importantly, he's already made multiple sales from these referrals!

Short story, if you have hundreds or thousands of customers and you’re not asking them for referrals, we can help.

We often help sales teams who have pain filling the top of the funnel, or they’re selling into a niche market (or geographically limited market), and need to maximize things to hit their goals.

Our team loves working with the sports industry because their customers love to make referrals! WarmUp makes it easy for the sales reps to ask for referrals and makes it easy for your customers to make referrals for you. It seems like a no-brainer to us!

We’d love to connect with you if you’re ready to activate your customer base and add referrals to your pipeline!

Please send any inquiries about Warm Up to!

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