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Handling the 'I Need to Talk to My...' Objection


I need to talk to my husband/wife...'

'I need to talk to my boyfriend/girlfriend...'

'I need to talk to my friends/family...'

'I need to talk to my co-workers/team...'

To most people in #sportsbiz, that is a next step in the sales process. To the BEST salespeople in #sportsbiz, that is an objection.

An objection can easily be defined as a reason someone is not buying right now. Great...then 'I need to talk to...' is absolutely an objection.

So the answer to that can't be, 'Sure.' You need to handle that objection.

This solution has gone through a TREMENDOUS amount of A/B testing over the years, and has shifted and changed, but I've got it dead to rights now.

Buyer: 'This is all great, I just need to talk to my wife.'

Seller: 'If you don't mind my asking, is this something that you're just going to TELL her you're going to do, or do you think you two will have a real conversation about it?'

Why does Brett ask/say that? Couple reasons. First, sometimes they're just going to tell them (not often), so I want to see how I can support that to the finish. Second, it establishes the conversation occurring and that there will be back-and-forth. Critical because...

Buyer: 'It's definitely going to be a real conversation.'

Seller: 'Appreciate you telling me that, Buyer. (BIG HUGE SMILE) It's not your job to sell tickets, that's mine. You may have some questions between now and that conversation, and since she's not here, I'm sure your wife will have some questions. I'd love act as a resource to you both for any questions you have or get, and happy to jump off the phone when it's time for you two to make a decision.'

Why does Brett ask/say that? This part if important. Many reps don't ask to be part of that conversation, and those that do blurt it out. You want to position yourself as a resource in that conversation and give yourself a reason to be well as letting them know it won't be pressure-packed. Most of the time? You still won't get in that conversation. However, my %'s of getting in that conversation have gone WAY up since I've phrased it this way. If they give you access? Schedule it! If they don't...

Buyer: 'I appreciate it, but I think I can handle that conversation.'

Seller: 'Appreciate that and understand, for sure. If you don't mind my asking, if you and your wife decided NOT to move forward, what do you think that reason would be?'

Why does Brett ask/say that? If I can't get access to the conversation, I still want to be able to influence the conversation. If the Buyer gives you a new objection? Help them handle it and work with them to be able to verbalize it to their significant other. If the buyer gives you an objection for the 2nd time? It's time to negotiate to something new. They are still CLEARLY hung up on that issue/topic...and you need to get them something a little more palatable.

Break it down and solve the most important individual problems.

  • Will they be an advocate in that conversation?

  • Will they let you into that conversation?

  • What would hold up this sale?

Each is most critical in each of those moments. This isn't going to work every time...but I can't tell you how much it's helped improve my game on this objection...and it's an objection...and something you hear a LOT every given week.

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