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'Hey Brett - What the f**k are you doing right now?'

This was an actual text message I received on Tuesday from a friend in the #sportsbiz industry. Here was my response:

'I don't have a clue. Whatever I can do to help the helplessness everyone is feeling.'

There's no plan for something like this. None. Anyone who's trying to sell you on one is full of crap. We're all anxious. We're all scared. We don't know what this means for tomorrow...much less the future. So the best plan for it? Walk forward.

I'm subscribed to, and listening to, the Power of Positive Summit, led by Jon Gordon, and a quote from Niki Spears absolutely jolted me:

'The word struggle is not a negative word at all. It's a verb. It's an action word. So that means we're still moving in the face of adversity.'

Walk forward. I suffer from anxiety and I know the best way out, for me, is to walk forward. Don't sit in this moment. Don't stew on what's happening. Don't let the fear consume you. Don't worry about the negative conversations with clients that HAVEN'T happened yet. Walk forward.

Create your database. Seek best practices from other #sportsbiz reps on how they're selling. Self-prospect new leads. Work on your scripting. Or work on your empathy and relating skills. Just. Walk. Forward.

There is no plan for this. There's simply walking forward...or falling backwards. I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to walk forward. Hope y'all keep doing it with me!

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