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  • Brett Zalaski

'How Can I Be A Good Ticket Sales Teammate?'

Right before he took a job with a Big 5 team, one of our #ISBIVSN reps asked me, 'Now that I'm going into a real office, how can I be a good ticket sales teammate?'

I really loved the phrasing of that question. Not just a good teammate, a good ticket sales teammate. As a person who has been in charge of promoting from Inside Sales to Account Executive on quite a few occasions now, my attitude towards promoting someone was always 51% sales, 49% attitude. I never promoted someone simply because of their sales numbers. Their attitude mattered almost as much as their sales ability in my eyes.

So what can a rep do to fill up that 49% as best as possible? Here's four things:

  • Show Up: Be the first one to the office and the first one on the phones each day. Be responsible to us by telling leadership if you're running a few minutes late. Dress like you want to achieve success...even being the best dressed on casual day.

  • Ask Questions: Some in your group may roll their eyes...they are of no concern to you. There is probably at least 2-3 other people, at least, in your group with the same questions...they are just afraid to raise their hand. You'll never know how much you're helping them when you speak up.

  • Walkabout: Each week spend 1-2 hours OFF the phones and wandering the offices of your organization. Introduce yourself to senior executives, learn from your ticket sales leadership team, and spend time with your teammates with no agenda. Show people you want to invest in them as humans. You will need every single one of them at some point in your career...this walkabout investment will pay off huge.

  • Celebrate Your Teammates' Successes: Be the first one to high five a teammate for a sale. Be the first with a great note when a peer gets promoted. Clap loudly or message immediately when senior management recognizes a rep in person or online. Being the first person to do so shows you're truly their for the success of the group...but it also allows you to be the first back to work.

No #sportsbiz sales rep should ever see an inside sales position as, 'I've made it.' That's not healthy from a sales and growth standpoint...but it's also even less healthy as a positive teammate. I'm a believer in sales momentum and positivity. You put positivity into your office, it will bleed into your interactions with fans, and it will result in sales. And when that happens, you're not just contributing to 49% for promotion...but all 100%.

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