• Brett Zalaski

How Faith Has Impacted My Sales Views

Over the last few months, I've been a little more open about my coming back to my Faith. Over the last two years, because of my wife, I have reconnected with my Faith through an incredible church that celebrates religion in a way that makes me proud to be a Believer by espousing love and imperfection, not hate and fear. A handful of reps have noticed and either commented on it, or asked how my religion plays a role in my work.

This article is not meant to sway anyone on their faith. Each person has their own relationship with religion, and that is completely their choice. This article is meant to focus on some thought-starting ideas that have come through my Church that have helped shape my current view of sales.

  • Grace: In my last full-time role in #sportsbiz, I found myself quick to anger and frustrate because I could not impact change the way I wanted to. Instead of showing grace, I let frustrations boil into relationships...which ultimately affected the way I was able to do my job. Getting pissed off at people, clients or co-workers, literally solves nothing. Grace, in Christian theology, is the spontaneous, unmerited gift of divine favor in the salvation of sinners ( Or, on the phones or in the office, your willingness to let things go and work to create solutions. Frustration dominates when you let it. My recent willingness to lead with Grace, and see past frustrations and create solutions (and even use past frustrations for good), has been one of my best assets in my current iteration of my career.

  • Perspective: One of the biggest challenges for most #sportsbiz sales reps is that they have never been a season ticket holder, partial plan holder, or group sales leader. Nor have they truly taken the time to speak with their fans to understand what it means to be one of those things. One of the important things my Faith has reminded me is that everyone gets to where they are through their own journey. Caring about their perspective, and how they got to now, is critical to having empathy and creating solutions. Racing to give information does not create sales. Spending time caring to learn about the client and their perspective does.

  • Do the Right Thing: The question on the right was from a recent Sunday where our Pastor was discussing how we can think to overcome obstacles that jump in front of us. His point was that we always essentially know the right thing to do. We just often choose not to do it. Find a wallet with money in it? The right thing to do is return the wallet with the money. So just do that. I've got asked tough questions on difficult to talk about topics by #sportsbiz sales reps. This site is for the reps, not people who might hire me. So write the articles. It felt obvious, but it set my hair on fire. We don't enter into sales to be the don't take actions that will result in you NOT making sales. Finding reasons to not make phone calls on a consistent basis? The right thing to do is to make phone calls to make sales. Make the f**king phone calls. Finding a reason to read instead of constructing a touchpoint campaign? Construct the touchpoint campaign, start executing it, and then read as a reward. Struggling with sales? Don't avoid your boss, go talk to them. You will fall down. You will make wrong decisions. Dust yourself off and make the right decision the next time. You know what they are.

Again, everyone's experiences with religion are different. This is not an article to speak to one point of view vs. another. This is an article to help the reps who have wrote in to the site about how religion can support sales, or its an article just to give anyone some thoughts that could help their sales game.

This website, and the dialogue it has created with the #sportsbiz sales community, has been the greatest blessing of my professional career. And it came because my religion challenged me to do the right thing. And this website was the result. No matter what you believe, that's pretty cool.