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How many times should I f**king reach out to someone?

I've had a BUNCH of people write in to the website asking about how often they should be reaching out to their clients. Some asking about new ticket buyers. Some asking about follow up conversations. A couple on the retention side. Even had one on the group sales side. However the title of this article was my favorite write-in on the subject (I starred the two letters, he didn't). No explanation of what type of lead. Just this letter of random frustration.

So would my answer vary based on type of lead? Yes and no. The simple way that it would vary, to me, is not based on lead type (group sale vs. indy buyers vs. renewal, etc.). It would be based on a more simple designation; Is this an existing or new conversation? That's it. No other qualification.

I'll explain quickly before I move on to solving for them. Every conversation is different and unique. Pretending like my answer is the solution to each individual conversation completely cuts out what the salesperson knows about the conversation. My experience is to help you on each phone call...not diagnose what occurs on each phone call. I like to be helpful. I'm not, and no sales trainer or manager is, omnipresent. Your opinion and understanding of the call here is FAR more important than mine...or anyone else. So here are my general thoughts on the two...

New Conversations

Find them. Hunt them down. If they bought tickets previously, are a business, are a youth sports team, or are a good group opportunity, show them you want to earn their business. That's not one or two phone calls and thinking they're not interested. People are busy. That's multiple phone calls, emails, social media interactions, text messages, etc. over a sustained period of time with great insights and great information about why they should speak to you. Have a message, have value, and deliver it. And do it consistently. Earn their business.

Existing Conversations

Here's where I have no idea. Every type of sale and every conversation is unique and different. You know how that individual conversation feels way better than I do. So while I can't give you a blanket statement to help here, I can give you my rule of thumb. Whenever you look at a lead, right before you call them, ask yourself this one question: 'Do I still like this person, or did I use to like them, and now I hate them?' That may sound simplistic, but it's not. Your emotions towards a prospect are based on all of your instincts and all of your knowledge of the situation. Your instincts are your instincts and your knowledge is your knowledge. No one should ever give you a blanket statement here. Now, if you still have positive feelings towards that lead when you see their name...CALL THEM! Don't hesitate. There's a reason you still feel positive towards it. If you hate their guts? BREAK UP WITH THEM AND STOP CALLING THEM! There's a reason your body is having that reaction to their's because you know they are avoiding you...and you don't like it. Every interaction is different, so trust your instincts when it comes to making each call.

There's no 'one-size fits all' here. Sales is a nuanced art form. And, more important than that, it's instinctual. I couldn't love the quote on the right more. I see young sales reps overthink sales all the time. The more you analyze, the less you trust your instincts...and the best salespeople I've ever seen are the most accountable...and the most instinctual. Go all in! Trust your training, trust your intuition, and act. As they say in the amazing baseball movie Bull Durham, 'Don't think, you can only hurt the team!'

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