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  • Brett Zalaski

How to ACTUALLY Make Money in Ticket Sales

Updated: May 3, 2018

One of the biggest complaints sales reps in sports make is that they don’t get paid enough money. Is there truth in that sentiment? Of course. Sports business has historically underpaid based on the demand for people wanting to have a career in sports. This doesn’t put sales reps in a great starting position…but it’s the cost of entry.

So let’s throw that complaint out. Are there people in the industry who sell and make good lives out of it? Hell yea! So let’s focus on one thing that they do almost across the board that can help all sales reps.

Most sales reps don’t have a plan to make money. They are told their goal and just blindly aim for that and hope that it makes them money. This is not what the best sales reps do. They know what they want to make and battle tooth and nail to get there. Instead of the end game being defined for them by management, they determine it and attack.

So let’s start there. The best thing about most sales organizations is that there’s no cap on what you can make. So do the exercise I did in the picture here.

Based on how your team does commission, your model may/will look completely different. That’s totally fine. You get the point!

Next, do a sales lead generation autopsy. Look at 3 months where you hit that per month total, or 3 of your best sales months most recently, then break down the sales made by where the lead generated from (lead list, self-prospected social media, self-prospected online, self-prospected general, previous buyer, referral, etc.). Once you break down that success, apply it to what you do every day. If 33% of those sales came from lead lists, 33% from self-prospecting, and 33% of referrals, structure your day to have your outbound match those results…but don’t forget to allow time each day for follow-ups.

Let me pre-handle one objection you may have to doing this. ‘You just made it up.’ Nope. Better. I stole it. One day three years ago I went to the golf course and got paired with an elder gentlemen who ran his own insurance company. He was also the top insurance salesperson in his region for his parent company…15 years in a row. He gave me this formula, telling me that he now spends 90% of his time working his referral network and 10% self-prospecting. The #2 in his company over the past five years spent 30% of his time on referrals and 70% on self-prospecting…and stole this general philosophy from the man I was playing with. Every person’s mix can and should be different.

So fearing some stagnation in Get After It Sales from year two to year three, I tried it out. The autopsy revealed that 10% of my sales came from self-prospecting, 30% came from repeat customers, 30% came from referrals, and 30% came from in-bound leads from my online content. I applied this information to how I structured my day. The result? 140% year-on-year growth. I’m very proud of that number…but I know I have to give a lot of that credit to this formula, and the clear path and goals it gave me. I know it can do the same for you.

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