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  • Brett Zalaski

How to be a Good ZOOM Teammate During #COVID19

Editor's Note: I, uh, probably should've wrote this article awhile ago. My bad.

One of the great things about sales has always been in being part of a team. Unfortunately that positive environment, for the most part, has been put on pause and exchanged for a mostly digital world. That shouldn't stop you from being a positive light on your team. From a few conversations I had with #sportsbiz sales reps, here's some ways to be a good ZOOM teammate.

  • Reach Out Digitally: The best teammates are often the ones who you believe care about all of what you produce, how hard you work, AND that you care about them as people. There's no reason that has to's just a little harder and you have to be a little more intentional. If you know someone is from out of town, or is spending a lot of time alone, you have no clue how important or how far a check-in call can go.

  • Reach Out Actually: I've heard of a few reps who cooked dinners and dropped them off for their teammates. I've heard of others having socially distanced parties for their team. I've heard of others playing golf or going on walks with their teams. And everyone who had someone else initiate it really, truly, and genuinely appreciated it. Sales reps are social beings, for the most part, and being around people in real life gives us life. Doing that smartly matters to people.

  • Create New Traditions: One rep I talked to said that one of their teammates instituted 'Coffee Hours' for their team. Knowing it can be hard to get a day started without your team around, they all log in for coffee at 8 am They talk about their day, state some expectations, and get after it. Another team texts each other .gifs of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec whenever they make a sale. Those can really help people get excited and focused in a tough time.

  • Acknowledge the Challenge...Create Solutions: There are so many difficult scenarios around our job right now. No real fans at games. No new tickets to sell. Lot of their peers losing their jobs. The best teammates acknowledge that challenge, but stay positive. They keep their teammates above the dark spiral that can easily occur right now. They challenge their teammates to avoid it. As the great Dr. King said, 'Darkness cannot push out darkness, only light can do that.' Be that light.

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