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  • Brett Zalaski

How to Create Urgency in this Moment

Among the biggest challenges #sportsbiz sales reps write into the site about is their challenges creating urgency. It's even more challenging in this #COVID19, uncertain environment. A rep wrote in, probably summarizing how a lot of sales reps are feeling:

'I'm fine making the calls and seeing how people are doing. I'll get through the conversation, but I just feel awful trying to convince people they need to buy right now. Is there anything I can do?'

Great question. First, as we discussed, we're mostly building pipelines to call when we get don't worry if you feel awkward creating urgency. Now's not the time you'll need it most.

BUT...there is one acceptable way to create urgency right's called emotional urgency. As we start to try and close the sale, it's critical that we remind them about the emotional reasons they told us they may want buy. For example:

'You've talked about being so excited to support the team when we start playing again, and taking your incredible father out to the games as a way of thanking him for helping with the family during this time. I know when we get back, there's going to be a huge rush on tickets, so, if it makes sense, I highly recommend moving forward now...if it makes sense for you in any way.'

It's tough to close right now, no doubt. But doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on the emotional side may be our only way around the uncertainty of the moment. If we can get them mentally back in the stadium when we return...we've created a chance for ourselves.

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