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Why Every #SportsBiz Sales Rep Needs to Use Technology to Sell

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

I hear from reps all the time about technology when I talk to them, train them, or have them submit questions into the website as it pertains to social selling or using technology to sell...and they generally fall into two categories:

  • "I'm told using technology is important...but then no one tells me how to use it."

  • "I don't do social selling because I'm better on the phone, email, & in person."

Both of these statements are incredibly problematic. The first is like giving a toddler a loaded gun with no explanation of how to use it. The second is just flat out unnecessarily complicating your life.

So let's start with the second...then get back to the first for Wednesday's article. The question is not 'Do I do Social Selling or do I use traditional channels?' This is not a binary decision. Just like when corporate email was new 10-15 years ago and people wondered if it would last, using technology to sell and engage is not a thing to be done instead of picking up the phone. Just like the phone & email allows you to engage your prospects, digital and video channels do exactly the same. They also allow more creative avenues to engage...and, by the way, it's where your potential prospects are already communicating. It's almost the definition of shooting fish in a barrel!

Sales reps prospect in different ways, connect in different ways, and pitch in different ways. Social Selling is not changing that. Social Selling is adding ways to do all of those things in a format that, when done properly, illuminates the abilities of salespeople. Using video, social media channels, and even texting weren't considered real sales channels as little as 5 years ago. Using technology or Social Selling is not a 'do it' or 'don't do it' mentality. It's a 'how do I incorporate it' mentality...and the smartest salespeople are already doing it.

Here's the thing...not using all the avenues available to you, especially as the traditional channels become less and less reliable, is only handicapping your ability to sell. Sure, you can still sell that way, but unless you're the John Wick of sales and just want all the odds against you before you start selling, it's important you take a step back and think creatively about how you can get your sales voice into these new, dynamic, and successful sales channels. Sure, all channels should still lead back to the phone or face-to-face for the close, but the process to get there is more convoluted than aim wide and pull in as many people as you can. You only aim for those people who pick up the phone for unknown numbers and attempt to stand out amidst a sea of emails, you're only making your job harder.

That's the WHY to incorporate it. Come back Wednesday for the HOW to incorporate it!

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