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I Don't Have to Work in #SportsBiz, I Get to Work in #SportsBiz

One of the biggest challenges I'm hearing about across the still actively employed #sportsbiz landscape is fatigue. #SportsBiz sales reps are tired at the constant ebbs and flows that #COVID19 has given them on the work side. They are tired of working from home. Tired of seeing commission money evaporate. They are tired of all the political noise that is happening around the country. They are tired of talking to fans who are reticent to re-enter stadiums. Tired of being on-edge if this is the week their team will lay people off.

When all these things coalesce, man what a tax that takes on your mental health. And you will get tired.

I was asked last week how I've found the energy during this time, and my response was, 'I don't have to work in #sportsbiz, I get to work in #sportsbiz.'

Whenever I lose my speed or my mojo, and it's been trying for me during these times, too, I continue to remind myself that every day in sports was better than outside of it. I remind myself of all my incredible memories that happened at sporting events. I remind myself of all the memories I've made because I work in the industry. I remind myself how much my 12-year old self would geek the f**k out at the job I get to do.

When all you know is #sportsbiz, it's tough to have that perspective. So this is me trying to give it: I loved working at CEB, my job in executive consulting sales. I loved my product, my peers, and living in Washington, DC. But it doesn't hold a candle to working in #sportsbiz, even on my worst days...and there have been many.

In life we HAVE to do a lot of shit. Your job is a decision you GET to make. If you love sports, stay in sports (or try to stay in sports)...and try to keep that perspective in the worst of times. And, more than anything, you'll be floored how that positive attitude shift positively impacts your clients or potential clients.

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