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  • Brett Zalaski

I'm a Group Sales Rep. What should I be doing?

Last year I wrote an article about time management and group sales that got tremendous traction and feedback. It remains one of the most read articles in the history of the site.

Most #sportsbiz group sales reps and managers I talked to about it copped to spending too much time transacting and executing, and not nearly enough time on prospecting and developing. The biggest challenge is, especially when the season starts, transacting and executing becomes a slippery downhill slope. We spend a little too much time closing this group of 25, means we rush into executing this group, means we rush to close a big group inside the 3 month window, etc. etc. etc.

Here's the thing: All you have is no games and time right now. It is time to swing the group sales big bat. Have a company with a large employee base that you always had as a white whale? GO GET THEM! Want to create a small business night at your stadium? NO REASON NOT TO! Have a group in your pipeline that you always thought had more upside? VIRTUALLY WINE AND DINE THEM!

This is NOT the moment group sales reps should be sitting back and letting clients dictate to them. One thing for certain, when this pandemic curtain drops, and we get back to games, we'll NEED group sales to help fill the stadium after the initial excitement passes. The other thing for certain is that big groups take time (usually about 3 months). That means, to get a big group started now it won't close until July. That sales process is tough for sales reps at any point in the year...and especially the season.

But we ain't got no games. And all our clients have is time right now, too. Get a list of potential new prospects you're excited about. Look at your book of business and find that 10-25% of your book that can do more. And go for it! Now is the time a group sales rep never has...use it!

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