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  • Brett Zalaski

I'm a Group Sales Rep. What Should I Be Doing? - pt. 2

I wrote pt. 1 of this about 2.5 months ago, which now officially feels like 2.5 years ago. I'm on like 50 blogs and 3 buzz cuts since then.

I had no definitive plans to do another article because group sales is tough when there are no games, but an MLS group sales rep wrote to me on LinkedIn posing this question:

'I read your last article. But now we are definitely not playing games in front of fans until AT LEAST next year. Does that change how you to approach my job right now?'

No joke, 5 minutes later, an NBA group sales rep wrote to me on LinkedIn, as he connected with me, asking me:

'My boss shared your blog in April. It was really helpful. I'd love to know if you have any additional thoughts now that we definitely aren't playing in front of fans for a long while.'

I want to have a swashbuckling answer for this and defend that blog completely...but I can't. That blog was 100% right for that moment...but I think we're in a different place now. My answer now is, 'Uh, yea, this is a little different.'

The biggest difference between now and then is clarity. Back then we had no clarity on playing games so we could act like we were. Well now we have clarity. We are pretty clear on the fact that we won't be playing games in front of fans until at least early 2021, for the most part. And, if we do, it will be in partially full stadiums with priorities placed on taking care of season ticket holders and maximizing individual game sales. And, if we are being truly honest, that does change the dynamic.

But we can't go dark. When we go dark we are forgotten or trust is broken. We need to continue to communicate. We need to be the ones to communicate any news to our group leaders, and we need to be the ones to continue to brainstorm with them what groups will look like, both from our end and their end, when we get back. It's easy to go dark...and it's hard to communicate when there's so little to communicate...but it's critical. We need to stay top of mind...otherwise we start the sales process over at best, or lost a client's trust at worst.

Stay on it!

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