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I'm Contributing To #SameHere Solutions

You'll see a new logo and link on my page in the very near future. And you'll notice it has nothing to do, directly, with Empowerment of a Salesperson. Just a few weeks ago now, Bob Hamer and Eric Kussin started #SameHere Solutions, a collaborative effort to create a safe space for the #sportsbiz industry to discuss and learn more about mental health issues.

I've been open about my issues with anxiety for a few years now. Coming forward with that information, and it allowing me to be an outlet for others, has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

And I'm going to use my story, my experiences, and the challenges I speak about with #sportsbiz sales reps on an every day basis to contribute to #SameHere Solutions.

My first post should be up soon, and you should definitely check them out and bookmark the site here.

Mental health is not an issues that escapes people in sports. The very nature of the low-paid, results-oriented, many-working-night structure of our jobs is a pretty solid recipe for anxiety and stress. And now, more than ever, I am committed to help...and I couldn't be more excited to join Eric, Bob, and many others in the mission to normalize this issue in the #sportsbiz industry.

While we all work for competitive teams, leagues, and even companies, when it comes to attacking the topic of mental health, we all need to be rowing in the same direction. 

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