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  • Brett Zalaski

'I'm Not Sure I Feel Comfortable Selling Tickets During #COVID19.'

I continue to have conversations with #sportsbiz reps all around the industry. As #sportsbiz continues to turn back to fans, and back to selling, there's an issue plaguing a number of ticket sellers in the industry. I've heard tons of times, 'I'm not sure I feel comfortable selling tickets to people during this crisis.'

Before I jump in here, I would like to say that those concerns ARE valid. People are sick. People are dying. People have lost jobs. Peers have lost jobs. Money is an issue. Safety is an issue. Mental health is an issue. None of this should sit far off our radar.

But it can't drive us. We need to trust that our senior executives will keep our fans safe. We need to trust that we will do right by our fans should situations change. And we need to generate revenue.

This is going to take a turn, bear with me. In the 2004 comedy Starsky and Hutch there's a scene with Huggy Bear, played by Snoop Dogg. Huggy gives them information, and then let's the police officers go off and do the work. In awesome Snoop fashion, he says, 'I lay it out so y'all can play it out.'

We have to take this approach to how we sell right now. Our fans are adults. If they don't want to come to our games, they don't have to. Our responsibility to our organizations is to give them a choice. We lay out our options and opportunities to our fans, especially the ones that fit best for them, and we let them make decisions for themselves. We lay it out, so they can play it out.

Take that responsibility for yourself. Get to know your clients. Make recommendations. Let them make decisions. You may get more 'no's' in the short run...but you'll get more 'yes'', than your peers, too. Sales is the same...the more decisions you get, the that shakes out in your favor. You can have more empathy...and you should. But that shouldn't stop you from laying it out so they can play it out.

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