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This past Wednesday I WENT to watch the Houston Dynamo beat FC Dallas 2-0 AT BBVA Stadium. I can't believe I'm saying WENT and AT versus WATCHED and ON MY COUCH.

It was awesome. The Dynamo did a great job making us feel safe. Plenty of room between us and others, smart crowd size, and good safety procedures. Almost everyone wore a mask at almost all times. AND IT WAS A PROFESSIONAL SPORTING EVENT! Incredible to be back.

It was tremendously encouraging to me. The idea that we'll be back became way more real. It'll take weeks, and months, and maybe more than a year, but we'll get back.

Have a bounce in your step. Be positive. Use these moments in your conversations when you sell.

When we sell for a shitty team, we often have to sell hope. The hope that the future is better. The hope that the young players will lead them to future greatness. The hope that a fan's investment into a team before they're good can pay off.

We need to sell hope now. The hope that we'll be back soon. The hope that comes with a return to normalcy. The hope that comes with the idea that we can all take care of each other and that can make this all happen sooner.

Each human can make decisions for themselves. But we can provide that hope.

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