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Language That Draws Clients In...

Anyone that's been through a sales training of mine knows that I believe that language matters when connecting with potential clients. While there's plenty written on the idea that language can drive potential clients away...I don't necessarily believe that. I believe that if your heart is in the right place, potential clients will let you get away with a lot. Trying to remember to say 'partnership' instead of 'sale' all the time would make me lose the plot in almost every call I would make. Sometimes I'm going to say 'sale'...and it's not going to ruin my sale.

I could never remember what not to say. What I could remember were a few things TO say. Here's a short list of short words I've tried to remember to say that can hopefully help you make more sales:

  • Us/We/Our: Makes the sale inclusive. 'When we get you on board...' is a phrase the pulls the potential client into your organization...hopefully making the sale inevitable.

  • When: Makes the sale inevitable. See above...that thing is pulling you in and telling you it's going to happen. The most valuable word in sales.

  • The reason for my call is...: Leads into making your intentions transparent. People DO NOT like to be tricked into things. But they love to buy things (thanks Jeffrey Gitomer!) let them know that that's your intent.

  • Based on what you've told me...: Sets up your recommendation. Listen, if the client has stayed on the phone with you, or come to the stadium to visit with you, or engaged over email, etc., they want your recommendation. Don't pass along all your deals...that's just throwing the kitchen sink at them. It's heavy and annoying. No one wants to catch a kitchen sink. They want to know what they should buy...and this sets it up gorgeously.

That's it. Short list. Try all those out today. If you make a sale more transparent, more inclusive, and more just may have a more fun, more efficient, and a more successful sales process.

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