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Lean In to Good News

There have been lots of (mostly) positive reports about teams and leagues opening up facilities, opening up their front offices, and, potentially, giving early plans to play their games.

I've heard reps tell me that 'Opening up a facility or front office doesn't mean we're close to playing.' Or 'Just because they're talking about playing doesn't mean they will, or that, if they do, we'll have fans.'

Are they right? Of course. But you should get excited about good news, you should not assume your fans have heard the good news, and you should lead your conversations or pass along the good news to your fans.

This has been a really challenging eight weeks in a lot of ways. Using good news, no matter how little the impact, gets us just a little closer to a resolution. That needs to be a positive for you and for fans. It gets you a little more excited in the way you communicate, which should get your fans a little more excited. That's just a better situation than sitting and moping.

Every moment is an excuse or an opportunity. I've said that a lot. Good news needs to fuel this opportunity for you from here on out.

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