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  • Brett Zalaski

LinkedIn & Ticket Sales

There's an old expression in movies that says, 'One for them, one for me.' It means the actor makes a 'popcorn' movie they know everyone will like...and then they make a passion project that may have less of a broad audience. Every article I've written on the website so far has been driven by your requests...this one's for me. I ranted about it quickly on Twitter last night...and then realized that's not really helpful. So here goes...

Also, quickly, this is a message about general LinkedIn...not individual messaging. But it all ties together. When you individually message someone, I promise they'll check out what you post, too.

I'm not going to name names, or call anyone out...but there is a fundamental misunderstanding of what LinkedIn is in the professional sports community. LinkedIn is a BUSINESS platform. It's meant for B2B networking, information sharing, and mutually beneficial support. Just like almost everyone cringes when they see politics on the site, the business community will largely ignore messages about team success...BECAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT THEY'RE ON THE SITE FOR!

Crazy as it sounds, LinkedIn is also not a site for:

  • Mini-plans

  • Individual game tickets

  • Individual game ticket packages

  • 'We won the (PUT TROPHY HERE)' message with no context

  • 'We're on a 2 game winning streak' message with no context

  • 'We drafted XXX player' message with no context

  • 'We signed XXX player' message with no context

  • 'Buy season tickets to get a jersey' message

  • Putting a picture of your business card up and telling people to call you with almost zero context

I am a capitalist. Those messages are fine for Twitter and Facebook. And maybe Snapchat and Instagram. They are not for those that truly intend to use LinkedIn to make money. If you act small on will convert small on LinkedIn.

So...what is LinkedIn for?

  • Information about how business' are using your seats

  • Profiles of current season ticket holders

  • Information about corporate hospitality

  • Information about small business packages, business packages, etc.

  • Information about new stadium or arena developments and how that positively impacts the business community

  • Information about business networking events hosted at your stadium

  • Information about season ticket plans and corporate hospitality plans with detailed information about how they positively impact businesses



Businesses want to understand how your product is positively differentiated from the others. If businesses just want to buy a winning team, they'll find their way to you. But that's just a business who's buying tickets. Businesses that want to make an investment are looking for hard information on value...and don't really care how the team is doing.

LinkedIn is a great platform for people that provide context and value on products that will genuinely make a difference to a business' bottom line...and the sales reps wallets. Once again, if you think small on LinkedIn, and act small on LinkedIn, it will produce small results. If you think big on LinkedIn, and consistently act big on LinkedIn, you'll be shocked at what you can produce.

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