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  • Brett Zalaski

Luck in Sales Pt. 2

Earlier this week we talked about Luck in Sales. Now let's talk about Luck in the Sales Process.

'Wait. What?' you're saying. 'I can actually make myself luckier ON phone calls.' Yes, you can. And let's not waste too much time getting how!

  1. Embrace Your Clients to Start: 'Ugh, not another ticket buyer call.' Not another ticket buyer call? Are you kidding me? These are our FANS. We need to embrace them. Start your conversation warmly. Thank them for their support. You'll be shocked at how many more conversations you get into when you show them you care...not signal the sales bell in their heads.

  2. Ask REAL Questions About Them: Our conversations often go...'How was the game?' 'Where'd you sit?' 'Who'd you go with?' 'How often do you go a year?' Then we kitchen sink them. Then they say 'put it in an email.' Then we never hear from them again after complaining they wouldn't tell us anything. What if after asking 'How was the game?' you asked, 'What did you like about it? What was your favorite part?' What if after we asked 'Who'd you go with?', we asked, 'Why was it important to go with them?' When you stop surveying people and start learning about them, you'll be floored by how open they'll be. People love to talk, but they love to talk most about themselves. Lean into that and get real information so you can make a recommendation.

  3. Create Urgency That Matters to Them: When we create urgency, we often tell fans that 'that seat might not be there tomorrow.' They don't care about that if they don't care about why their going to the games. When you create urgency, you need to tailor that urgency to the conversation that you've had. 'You've said how important it is to be a season ticket holder, and the opportunities you'll get to share the games with your father and your work friends. I want to make sure, if you're going to spend this money, that we give you the best possible experience for you...and the people you care about.' If you do this, you'll be shocked at how many people see urgency as a positive...making you WAY more lucky.

  4. Handle Objections Tailored to Them: Just like urgency, you need to tailor your objections, too. We often either ask questions around objections without handling them, or handle objections exactly how we practice it during role play to a general audience. They need to feel like you're solving THEIR problem...not a problem. That's how great objection handling occurs. If you do this, you'll be shocked at how 'lucky' you get when it comes to making sales.

You're not going to be 'lucky' if you do just one of these things. You need to focus on doing all of these things. You'll be a 'luckier' seller if your client believes you are client-focused first...not sales-focused first! I love the quote on the right. If you prepare yourself to be focused on your clients, you'll find yourself in more sales opportunities. Desperate sales people spray and pray. 'Lucky' or 'successful' salespeople create those moments of opportunity by being 100% focused on their clients and their clients' success. Try it out...let me know if you find yourself 'luckier'!

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